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All Liability Categories
Accounting Malpractice Lasik Surgery Malpractice
Act of Nature/Force Majeure Late Decelleration
Admiralty Lath or Plaster
Adverse Possession Lawn Mower Injuries
Adverse Reaction Lead Poisoning
Age Discrimination Left Turn Collision
Air Traffic Control Negligence Legal Malpractice
Airbag Defect Lemon Law
Aircraft Negligence Leukemia
Airline Negligence Liability Split/Percentage
Airport / Airline Security Negligence Libel
Alcohol Involved Collision Libel Per Se
Allergist Malpractice Life Insurance
Alteration of Documents Lighting & Illumination
Ambulance Services Negligence Lightning
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Loss of Fetus
Amusement Park Construction Lost Income and Profits
Amusement Park Negligence Lung Cancer
Anesthesiology (Anesthesia) Malpractice Lymphoma
Animal Injuries Machine Guarding
Antitrust Macrosomia
Apartment Security Negligence Malicious Prosecution
Architectural Malpractice Mall Security Negligence
Asbestos Malpractice
Assault Man Lift/Aerial Lift
Assisted Living Negligence Manhole Defect
ATC Defect Manufacturing Defect
ATV Defect Mapping & Surveying
ATV Negligence Marble
Auto Defect Maritime
Auto Defect - Brakes Mechanical Engineering
Auto Defect - Crashworthiness Medicaid Fraud
Auto Defect - Rollover Propensity Medical Devices
Auto Defect - Steering Medical Ethics
Auto Defect - Tires Medical Malpractice
Auto Repair Negligence Medicare Fraud
Auto/Bicycle Collision Melanoma
Auto/Bus Collision Metal Failure
Auto/Motorcycle Collision Metallurgy
Auto/Pedestrian Collision Midwife Malpractice
Auto/Pedestrian Collision - Inside Crosswalk Misdiagnosis
Auto/Pedestrian Collision - Outside Crosswalk Mobile Homes
Auto/Truck Collision Mold
Automatic Door Liability Mortuary (Funeral Home) Negligence / Mishandling of Remains
Aviation Negligence Motor Vehicle Collisions
Back-up Collision Motor Vehicle Negligence
Bad Faith Motorcycle Accident
Bailment Motorcycle Defect
Bank/ATM Motorcycle Racing
Bar / Tavern / Nightclub Security Negligence Mountaineering/Rock Climbing
Baseball Mud
Basketball Multi-Vehicle Collision
Battery Municipal Government Liability
Batting Cage Liability Negligent Credentialing
BB Gun/Pellet Gun/Air Rifle Negligent Entrustment
Bedsores (Decubitus Ulcers) Negligent Hiring/Retention/Training
Bicycle Negligent Hiring/Staffing - Medical
Bile Duct Injury Negligent Maintenance
Biomechanical Engineering Negligent Maintenance - Hospital
Blood Transfusion Negligence Negligent Medical Staff Supervision
Boating Liability Negligent Retention/Training
Bottle Defect Negligent Security
Bowling Alley Negligence Negligent Security - Hospitality Industry
Brain Cancer Negligent Supervision
Breach of Fiduciary Duty Negligent Supervision in Schools
Breast Cancer Negligent Treatment
Breast Implants/Cosmetic Breast Surgery Neonatology Malpractice
Brick Nephrology Malpractice
Broadside Collision Neurology Malpractice
Building Codes Neurosurgery Malpractice
Building Materials Nursing Home Malpractice
Building Security Negligence Nursing Home Negligent Supervision
Building Systems Nursing Malpractice
Bus Negligence Ob/Gyn Malpractice
Business & Financial Obligation
Camp Negligent Supervision Obstetrical Malpractice
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Obstetrical Nursing Malpractice
Cardiac Surgery Malpractice Occupant Protection Defect
Cardiologist Malpractice Oil & Gas
Casino Negligence Oil Spill
Casino Security Negligence Oncology Malpractice
Casualty Insurance Ophthalmology Malpractice
Caulk & Grout Optometry Malpractice
Cephalic-Pelvic Disproportion Oral Surgery Malpractice
Ceramics Orthodontic Malpractice
Chair Defect Orthopedic Malpractice
Chemicals Orthopedic Surgery Malpractice
Chemotherapy OSHA
Child Safety Seat Defect Osteopathic Malpractice
Chiropractic Malpractice Otolaryngological Cancer
City Government Liability Otolaryngology Malpractice
Civil Outdoor Recreation/Wilderness
Civil Assault Ovarian Cancer
Civil Engineering Ovarian Cyst
Civil Rights Pain Management Malpractice
Class Action Paint
Clinic Malpractice Paint/Coatings/Sealant
Clot-Busting (Thrombolytic) Medicine Paintball/War Games
College and University Campus Security Negligence Pap Smear Negligence
Collision While Passing Parked Car Collision
Common Carrier Parking Area Security Negligence
Comparative Negligence Parking Lot Collision
Concert & Event Security Negligence Parking Lot Pull-out Collision
Concrete Parking Spot Pull-out Collision
Condemnation Patent Infringement
Condominium Security Negligence Pathology Malpractice
Construction Claims & Disputes Patient Care
Construction Damages Patient Safety
Construction Defect Patient's Rights
Construction Delay Pediatric Malpractice
Construction Equipment Perinatology (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) Malpractice
Construction Liability Personal Negligence
Construction Negligence Pharmaceutical
Construction Procedures Pharmacist Malpractice
Construction Professionals Pharmacology Malpractice
Construction Safety Physiatrist Malpractice
Construction Security Negligence Physical Education Negligence
Construction Site Negligence Physical Medicine / Physical Therapy Malpractice
Constructive Discharge Physician/Therapist-Patient Sexual Abuse
Consumer Fraud Plastic Surgery Malpractice
Contract Fraud Plastics
Contract Law Plate Glass Liability
Contractor Negligence Playground
Conversion Plumbing
Copyright Infringement Plumbing Equipment/Pipes/Valves
Corrections Liability Podiatric Malpractice
Counterclaim Police Interrogation
Country Club Liability Police Liability
County Government Liability Police Negligence
Cranes Police Procedures
Credentialing Pools & Spas
Cruise Line Negligence Port Authority Negligence
Cruise Ship Negligence Power Tools
Damage Calculations Preeclampsia
Day Care Negligent Supervision Premises Liability
Debt Collection Primary Care Malpractice
Deck Collapse Prison Transport Liability
Defamation Privacy Rights
Defamation Per Se Private School Liability
Demolition Products Liability
Dental Malpractice Property Insurance
Department Store Negligence Property Law
Department Store Security Negligence Property Torts
Dermatology Malpractice Psychiatric Malpractice
Design Defect Psychologist Malpractice
Dignitary Torts Public Places Liability
Dilation & Curettage Public Works
Disability Discrimination Pull-out Collision
Disability Insurance Pulmonologist Malpractice
Discrimination Quantum Meruit
Discrimination - Hospitality Industry Racial Discrimination
Distracted/Inattentive Driving Radiologist Malpractice
Diversity Jurisdiction Railing/Handrail
Document & Handwriting Analysis Railroad Liability
Dog Railroad Security Negligence
Dog Attack Rain/Water/Storm Damage
Dog Bite Realtor Malpractice
Doors/Gates Rear End Collision
Dram Shop Receiverships
Dredging Religious Discrimination
Drilling Resort Negligence
Drowning Restaurant Negligence
Drug Involved Collision Restaurant Security Negligence
Drywall Retained Instrument / Foreign Body
Earthquake Retaliatory Discharge
Economic Torts Reverse Discrimination
Ectopic Pregnancy Rheumatology Malpractice
Education Liability RICO Act
Elder Abuse Right Turn Collision
Electrical Rollover Collision
Electrocution/Electrical Injury Roofing
Elevator Liability Royalties
Elevator Maintenance Negligence Safety Engineering
Emergency Medicine Malpractice Safety Harness
Eminent Domain Salon Negligence
Employer Negligence Scaffolding
Employment School Assault
Employment Contract School Board Negligence
Employment Discrimination School Bus Collision
EMS/EMT/Paramedic Negligence School District Liability
Endocrinology Malpractice School Negligent Supervision
Endodontics Malpractice School Security Negligence
Endometriosis Scuba / Snorkeling
ENT Malpractice Seatbelt Defect
Environmental & Chemical Seatbelt Liability
Escalator Liability Securities Fraud
Escalator Maintenance Negligence Security
Excessive Use of Force (Corrections) Service Stations
Excessive Use of Force (Police) Sewage/Septic Spill
Exercise Equipment Sewer Negligence
Explosion Sexual Abuse by Clergy
Extraction of Wrong Tooth Sexual Abuse/Assault - Hospital
Failure to Timely Perform C-section Sexual Abuse/Harassment in Schools
Fair Housing Sexual Assault
Fall Down Sexual Assault in Schools
Fall Down Stairs/Steps Sexual Harassment
Fall Protection Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Falling Object/Negligent Stacking Shoulder Dystocia
Falling Tree Side Effects
False Arrest Sideswipe Collision
False Imprisonment Single Vehicle Collision
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Skating Rink Negligence
Family Practitioner Malpractice Ski Resort Negligence
Farm/Agricultural Equipment Slander
Federal Government Liability Slander Per Se
Federal Tort Claims Sliding Glass Door Liability
FELA Slip and Fall
Fire Slip and Fall - Grease
Fire Protection Slip and Fall - Hospitality Industry
Fire Sprinkler Systems Slip and Fall - Ice and Snow
Firefighting Injuries Slip and Fall - Mopped/Waxed Floor
Firework Injuries Slip and Fall - Oil
Flood Slip and Fall - Spill
Floor Covering Slip and Fall - Water
Flooring Slip and Fall - Water Fountain
Food Contamination Snowboarding
Food Poisoning Soccer
Foodborne Illnesses Soil Contamination
Football Spinal Surgery at Wrong Level
Forensic Engineering Spoliation of Evidence
Forklift Negligence Sports and Recreation
Franchise or Management Contracts Sports Facility Security Negligence
Fraud Stadium Security Negligence
Front End Collision Stairs/Steps Defect
Furnishing, Fixtures or Equipment Problems State Government Liability
Gastroenterology Malpractice Stone
Gender Discrimination Stroke
General Practitioner Malpractice Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Structural Failure
Glass Stucco
Glass Door Liability Subrogation
Glass Liability Suicide
Glass Shower Door Liability Suicide - Prisoner
Glass Window Liability Supermarket Negligence
Golf Surgery Malpractice
Government Swimming
Government Liability Syringe/Injection/I.V. Injuries
Groundwater Contamination Taser Injuries
Guns/Firearms Tattoo/Body Piercing Liability
Gynecology Malpractice Tavern Negligence
Hand Surgery Malpractice Taxi & Limo Negligence
Handicap Discrimination Tennis
Harassment Testicular Torsion
Harassment - Hospitality Industry Tile
Hazardous Premises Title Abstract Negligence
Hazardous Workplace Tools
Head-on Collision Tornado
Health Club Negligence Tort Claims
Health Insurance Towing Accident
Healthcare Fraud Toxic Exposure
Hematology Malpractice Toxic Tort
Hepatology Malpractice Toy
Highway Design Trade Secret Infringement
Highway Repair Trademark Infringement
HMO Negligence Train Collision
Hockey Trampoline
Home Healthcare Negligence Transdermal Patches/Fentanyl
Home Inspections Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
Homeowners Negligence Transit Authority Negligence
Homicide Transportation
Horseback Riding Trespass
Hospital By-Laws Trip and Fall
Hospital Construction Trip and Fall - Carpet/Mat/Rug
Hospital Contracting Trip and Fall - Cord/Cable/Wire/Rope
Hospital Corporate Negligence Trip and Fall - Hospitality Industry
Hospital Malpractice Trip and Fall - Parking Lot
Hospital Negligence Non-Medical Malpractice Trip and Fall - Pothole
Hospital Negligent Supervision Trip and Fall - Ramp
Hospital Payment Trip and Fall - Sidewalk (Commercial)
Hospital Protocol/Procedures Trip and Fall - Sidewalk (Government Liability)
Hospitality Industry Negligence Trip and Fall - Sidewalk (Residential)
Hospitality Premises Liability Trolley Negligence
Hostile Work Environment Truck & Tractor-Trailer Negligence
Hostile Workplace Truck / Auto Collision
Hotel Security Negligence Truck / Bicycle Collision
Housing Authority Security Negligence Truck / Bus Collision
Hunting Truck / Motorcycle Collision
Hurricane Truck / Truck Collision
HVAC Truck Loading & Unloading
Hydrology U-Turn Collision
Hydroplaning UM/UIM (Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist)
Hysterectomy Unjust Enrichment
Ice and Snow Urology Malpractice
Identity & Credit Theft Uterine Cancer
Inadequate Lighting Utilities
Inadequate Warnings Utility Negligence
Industrial Hygiene Vaccine Injuries
Infectious Diseases Malpractice Vascular Surgery Malpractice
Infertility Vehicular Homicide
Informed Consent Veterinarian
Infusion Veterinarian Malpractice
Insurance Water Utility
Insurance Agent Malpractice Waterproofing
Insurance Fraud Weather-Related Liability
Intellectual Property Rights Welding
Intensive Care Malpractice Whistleblower Actions
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Wind
Intentional Torts Windows
Internal Medicine Malpractice Wood & Lumber
Internet Worker's Compensation Insurance
Intersection Collision Workplace Violence
Jetski/Water Ski/Watercraft Wound Care Negligence
Jones Act Wrongful Birth
Labor and Delivery Malpractice Wrongful Conviction
Ladder Defect Wrongful Death
Ladders & Scaffolding Wrongful Death - Hospitality Industry
Landlord Out of Possession Wrongful Death of Child (Minor)
Landlord Security Negligence Wrongful Discharge
Landlord/Tenant Wrongful Eviction
Landscape Design Wrongful Termination
Lane Change Collision Wrongful Termination - Hospitality
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