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Searching our database of over 100,000 articles, our Professional Search experts can provide you with the most complete information directed at the specific case you are working on. What you'll get is the full picture: damages amounts, litigation history, jury reactions, successful and unsuccessful strategies, expert witnesses, previous testimony, and more.

Among our professional search categories are:

Liability Searches

Start putting together your case by studying the history of similar cases. Get a full report of the history of all recorded trial experiences in similar litigation. Evaluate previous jury reactions in conjunction with successful or unsuccessful strategies. All returned cases include analysis of presentation methods or defenses in prior trials.

Damages Searches

Use Damages Search results to study prior jury evaluations and insurance carrier settlements. Learn the amounts of similar damages for settlement or arbitration. Use this information to sustain or set aside verdicts as inadequate or excessive.

Expert Witness Searches

Get the most case-relevant expert witnesses for your case. We'll search for a type of expert by field and specialty, or search for a particular expert witness's previous cases. We'll provide you with synopses and case histories of previous trials where each identified expert testified. This report will also identify previous retaining attorneys for personal evaluation of the expert.

Previous Testimony of Experts Traced

Get detailed information on an expert witness's history, success, usefulness, knowledge, and performance in the courtroom. Our experienced staff will identify previous cases in which the expert testified and provide detailed summaries indicating the substance and success of previous testimony. Returned information includes the identification of attorneys examining and cross-examining the witness at trial.

Name Searches

Research cases involving a particular attorney, expert witness, law firm, judge, defendant, corporation, product, etc. Obtain the case histories of opposing counsel and judges. Evaluate the substance and success of an expert witness's testimony in previous cases. Learn the outcomes of prior cases involving a particular defendant or defective product.

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$100 Base Search Fee plus $20 per case article.

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