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$________ RECOVERY – Dram Shop – ________ driver, with a blood alcohol reading of .________, strikes ________ driver in rear shortly after leaving tavern – Cervical herniations – 2-level cervical fusion – Lumbar annular tear – Pain management care.
Gloucester County, NJ (195802)
$________ VERDICT Dram Shop – ________ driver leaves ________ strip club in an intoxicated state and collides head-on with ________ vehicle – Driving while intoxicated – Negligently serving ________ driver alcohol to point of intoxication – Various injuries to the occupants of vehicle, including wrongful death of a 4-year-old passenger.
Harris County, TX (196000)
$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/Pedestrian collision – ________ pedestrian entering roadway in between two vehicles after consuming very significant amount of alcohol at tavern – Facial fractures – Surgery.
Hudson County, NJ (195569)
$________ RECOVERY Dram Shop – ________ driver strikes decedent pedestrian after consuming alcohol for several hours at ________ restaurant – ________ driver negligently drove under the influence of alcohol – ________ restaurant negligently served alcohol to an intoxicated patron – Wrongful death of 36-year-old male.
Bucks County, PA (195634)
________ VERDICT Dram Shop – ________ serve excessive alcohol to patrons they knew had violent tendencies, patrons assault ________ – Creating a hazardous condition – Head trauma – Facial lacerations and scarring.
Harris County, TX (195674)
$________ RECOVERY Dram shop – ________ served while visibly intoxicated and struck by driver as ________ crossed highway ramp shortly after leaving tavern on foot – Cervical fracture.
Bergen County, NJ (195330)
$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/pedestrian collision – ________ pedestrian entering roadway in between two vehicles during light rain at night after consuming very significant amount of alcohol is struck by ________ driver – Facial fractures – Surgery.
Hudson County, NJ (195334)
$________ JUDGMENT AWARDED Dram Shop – ________ tavern served patron when visibly intoxicated – Patron drove from tavern parking lot directly into path of ________ driver – Femur fracture – Surgery with titanium rod.
Orange County, NY (195371)
Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas (195395)
$________ VERDICT Dram Shop – ________ bar serves alcoholic beverages to intoxicated decedent and allows him to leave premises where decedent is then struck by a car and killed – Violations of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code – Wrongful death.
Harris County, TX (195443)