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$________ RECOVERY Municipal liability - Fire truck/bus collision - ________ bus driver suffers abrasions and soft tissue injuries.
Suffolk County, MA (158557)
$________ VERDICT PLUS $________ IN STIPULATED MEDICAL BILLS Motor vehicle negligence - Truck/bus collision - ________ catering truck driver strikes ________ bus as ________ pulls away from bus stop - ________ negligently fails to latch rear door and door swings into bus upon impact - Alleged cervical herniation.
Passaic County, NJ (158586)
________' VERDICT Side view mirrors on ________ bus and codefendant truck driven by contractor contact each other as bus is passing truck - Bus driver allegedly jerks bus hard towards left upon contact by mirrors, throwing ________ into left wall of bus - Liability only.
Westchester County (25083)
$________ VERDICT Negligent operation of City of Miami Dump truck - Dump truck/bus collision - Lumbar disc herniation.
Miami-Dade County (823)
________ VERDICT Truck/bus collision - ________ injured while standing on back bumper of truck - Cellulitis - Multiple surgeries - Permanent scarring.
Philadelphia County (36370)