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$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Negligent Maintenance – ________ alleges that ________ fails to properly install and maintain a safe breakaway rim on a basketball goal – Injuries, mental anguish and medical expenses.
113th (189962)
________ VERDICT School Liability – Alleged negligent supervision during basketball shooting match involving parents, teachers and students – ________ father contends he is knocked to court by student – Two to three minutes later teacher lands on his leg after dunking – Ruptured patella tendon – Liability only.
Suffolk County, NY (186199)
$________ for ________ - Negligent Security - A college basketball player at Mississippi Valley State was paralyzed at a nightclub after being shot by a security guard ? the security guard had fired wildly (discharging nine shots) at a purported gunman, the hoopster being struck inadvertently in the barrage
Leflore (183182)
________ verdict - ________ - Storage Negligence - While a PODS storage unit was being delivered to a residential customer, the delivery person was injured when the customer (now the ________) moved a basketball goal and it struck her in the head
Shelby (163607)
CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY - Negligence at sports camp - Failure to secure equipment which falls and injures ________ - Transverse amputation of ring finger of dominant hand.
Barnstable County, MA (47853)
________ VERDICT Alleged negligent failure of EMT working in school nurse's office during summer day camp to inform parents of eye trauma during basketball game - Retinal detachment which causes extensive permanent visual deficits in one eye diagnosed 10-12 days later - ________ contends advisements of incident to parents would have prompted timely visit to ophthalmologist and that earlier intervention would have avoided vision impairment.
Nassau County (47369)
________ verdict - ________ - Premises Liability - A patron at a basketball game conducted at a civic center and sponsored by the local newspaper, tripped and fell when stepping down from the raised basketball floor
Houston (165468)
________ VERDICT - YMCA counselors allegedly grossly negligent in failing to adequately supervise students in after school program - Infant ________ inadvertantly struck in eye by rock when two fellow students attempted to throw rock as far as possible - Loss of vision in one eye.
U.S. District Court, Newark (41948)
________ verdict - ________ - Premises Liability - The ________, attending a basketball game, fell in a school parking lot, blaming her fall on inadequate lighting and a dangerous step-off
Crenshaw (165742)
________ VERDICT Alleged negligent maintenance of basketball hoop by city - Jagged hole in backboard - ________ injures hand while attempting to "dunk" basketball - Liability only.
Queens County (24890)
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