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$________ GROSS VERDICT Municipal Liability – Premises liability – Dangerous recessed water main/sewer cover in city park – Trip and fall – Hip fracture with surgery – Meniscus tear with knee surgery – 50% comparative negligence found.
Pinellas County, FL (195254)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Municipal Liability – Sidewalk defect – ________ trips over metal plate secured to sidewalk with protruding bolts – Partial Achilles tear – Surgery.
Withheld County, MA (191023)
$________ JUDGMENT FOLLOWING BENCH TRIAL Municipal Liability – 81-year-old ________ trips on an uneven brick in sidewalk and falls – Concussion – Severe facial and head hematomas.
New Haven County, CT (189522)
________ VERDICT Municipal Liability – Trip and fall near county water meter – Aggravation of preexisting neck and back conditions – Carpel tunnel syndrome.
Miami-Dade County, FL (187602)
________ VERDICT Municipal Liability – ________ alleges that she slipped and fell on a defective sidewalk – Aggravation of preexisting lower back injury – Fractured ankle.
Hartford County, CT (187706)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Municipal Liability – Failure of City of Miami to maintain sidewalk – Trip and fall – Ankle injury with surgery – 60% comparative negligence found.
Miami-Dade County, FL (185539)
$________ VERDICT Municipal liability - Trip and fall on sidewalk - Negligent maintenance of sidewalk - Leg and ankle sprain.
Philadelphia County, PA (182915)
$________ RECOVERY Municipal liability - Tort Claims Act - Failure of municipality to correct approximate one and a-half inch height differential between sidewalk slabs - Fall down - Fractured patella - ________ undergoes knee replacement after three surgeries are inadequate.
Cape May County, NJ (182595)
________ VERDICT Municipal liability - Alleged failure to maintain tree grate - Trip and fall on Philadelphia sidewalk - Knee laceration - Chondromalacia.
Philadelphia County, PA (169371)
________ VERDICT Municipal liability - Slip and fall - Alleged dangerous condition of public sidewalk and ineffective warning - Raised sidewalk plank - Fractured shoulder.
San Diego County, California (168681)
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