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$________ GROSS VERDICT Municipal Liability – Premises liability – Dangerous recessed water main/sewer cover in city park – Trip and fall – Hip fracture with surgery – Meniscus tear with knee surgery – 50% comparative negligence found.
Pinellas County, FL (195254)
________ verdict - Government Negligence - After a sewer company hooked a private sewage line up to the city's main water line, residents of a subdivision noticed their drinking water became discolored, strange-tasting, and bad-smelling
Baldwin (183777)
$________ RECOVERY Construction site negligence - ________ subcontractor strikes ________ worker with backhoe - Massive laceration to dominant arm, permanent disability.
Essex County, MA (162633)
$________ for ________ less 50% comparative fault - Phone Line Negligence - While installing a phone line in ________, the phone company severed a sewer line ? it wasn't discovered until ten years later and after the property had been damaged
Metcalfe (163227)
$________ for ________ - Trespass - The water and sewer board's trucks crushed a homeowner's septic system; when raw sewage began to collect on her land, the board told her she had to connect to their system
Mobile (164770)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Premises liability - Condominium negligence - Improper and dangerous placement of sewer cover - Trip and fall by the ________ while taking out trash - Fractured ankle - Lost wage claim.
Massachusetts (50551)
$________ for ________ - ________ - Municipal Negligence - Damage from sewer drainage was blamed on a municipality
Escambia (165449)
________ VERDICT Municipal Liability - Failure to correct defect in storm drain that caused roadway hazard - Whiplash injury with some neurological complications, inner ear damage, nausea, vomiting, necessary breast reduction surgery.
Coos County, New Hampshire (42293)
$________ GROSS VERDICT - Negligent trenching for sewer lines in residential home under construction - Slip and fall as a result of dust - Dental injuries - 20% comparative negligence found.
Miami-Dade County (1537)
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