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$________ VERDICT Insurance Obligation – Wrongful denial of property damage claim – Water and mold damage to condominium unit.
U.S. District Court, Southern, Florida (195746)
Palm Beach County, FL (195899)
$________ Insurance Obligation – Wrongful denial of insurance claim for property damage – Ceiling collapse caused by termites – Concealed damage to roof trusses
Broward County, FL (195908)
$________ VERDICT – Personal Negligence – Subrogation – Trespass – ________ alleged that ________ trespass and negligence resulted in fire that destroyed ________ owners' home.
Windsor County, VT (195557)
________ FOR ________ Insurance – Alleged wrongful denial for fire loss claim – Alleged failure to provide sufficient notice of cancellation
Miami-Dade County, FL (195004)
________ FOR ________ Alleged breach of homeowners’ insurance contract – Homeowners claim insurance company fails to pay benefits for water damages to residential dwelling
Broward County, FL (195005)
________ VERDICT Insurance Obligation – ________ homeowner contends that proposed work to stabilize property and repair foundation following discovery of sinkhole is inadequate and that ________ proposal constituted breach
Pinellas County, FL (194529)
$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Intersection Collision – Minor ________ turns at a yellow light in front of another vehicle – Face and right arm injuries; broken nose; and medical expenses.
153rd (194294)
$________ VERDICT – Insurance Obligation – Uninsured motorist coverage – ________ was injured when his vehicle was struck by an uninsured vehicle – Aggravation of pre-existing spinal injury
Litchfield County, CT (193954)
________ VERDICT Insurance – Claimed wrongful denial of property damage claim – Toilet back-up allegedly caused by bellied drain line – Water damage – Coverage only.
Miami-Dade County, FL (193644)
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