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________ VERDICT – Dram Shop – ________ bowling alley allegedly serves three patrons when visibly intoxicated – Patrons become embroiled in altercation with ________ – One ________ suffers orbital fractures and loss of vision in one eye – Second ________ sustains nasal fractures – Liability only.
Suffolk County, NY (190443)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall Down – Alleged failure of bowling center to conduct adequate inspections and remove foreign substance – ________ slips and falls – Incident captured on ________ video surveillance system – Liability only.
Union County, NJ (187392)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability - Slip and fall over alleged oily substance at bowling alley - Fractured wrist requiring surgery - Permanency alleged.
Cook County, Illinois (168926)
________ VERDICT Employer's liability - Bowling alley employee allegedly slams keys on counter in response to ________ request - Metal shard allegedly hits ________ eye - Eye laceration - Five surgeries - Alleged permanent partial loss of vision.
Mercer County, NJ (162110)
________ VERDICT Bowling alley negligence - Alleged slippery condition on ________ bowling lane - Fall - Fracture of dominant wrist - Liability only.
Suffolk County (155591)
________ VERDICT Premises liability - Alleged negligent maintenance of bowling alley - Claimed slip and fall as a result of lane polish - Cervical disc herniation with surgery.
Dauphin County (142708)
________ VERDICT Alleged negligent failure of bowling alley to adequately warn that area beyond foul line is very slippery - Patella Fracture.
Morris County (139118)
$________ VERDICT Failure to provide guard in area outside bowling lanes - Alleged significant history of crime - Off duty officer usually present at time of Saturday night incident but ________ had no procedure for obtaining guard when one not available - Four stab wounds to back leave four small scars - Alleged permanent PTSD - No psychiatric treatment
Union County (48834)
Verdict: ________ verdict - Bowling Alley Denies Liability for Patron's Fall
Macomb County (134368)
________ VERDICT Bowling alley negligence - Seepage of lane conditioner oil onto bowler's approach - ________ slipped and fell while bowling - Ruptured quadricep tendon.
U.S. District Court, District of Arizona (46715)
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