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________ VERDICT Premises Liability/Personal Liability – ________ companion trips over poorly placed mats in ________ store and grabs ________ as he is falling, pulling ________ to floor– Cervical disc herniations – Cervical radiculopathy.
Philadelphia County, PA (195662)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – ________ business invitee injured when he lifts front of running lawn mower as instructed by store’s employee – Failure to exercise reasonable care to avoid injury to ________ – Traumatic amputation to the tips of 4 fingers.
U.S. District Court, Northern, Texas (195694)
$________ VERDICT Excessive Use of Fore – ________ retail store security guard violently grabs and injures ________ when he suspects ________ of shoplifting – Failure to properly train staff – Use of excessive force – Comminuted fracture of the right humerus.
Philadelphia County, PA (194920)
$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Trip and fall – ________ trips on merchandise display in an aisle of ________ store – Failure to correct a defective and dangerous condition – Sprains, and strain to neck and back
Philadelphia County, PA (194943)
$________ RECOVERY Civil Rights – Pregnancy Discrimination – ________ department store sues for firing pregnant employee – Violation of Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
U.S.D.C., E TN (194372)
$________ VERDICT Product Liability – Failure to Warn – Minor child injured when battery acid from batteries manufactures and distributed by the ________ leaks from batteries onto minor – Failure to warn the ________ of the possibility of leaking – Acid burns to hands and lips.
Philadelphia County, PA (194466)
________ VERDICT ________ department store's employee allegedly negligent in pushing shopping cart, knocking down ________ patron – Incident allegedly causes herniations leading to surgery
U.S. District - Middle (Jacksonville Div.) County, FL (194141)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Trip and Fall – ________ trips and falls on a wheel stop near her parking spot in the ________ parking lot – Failure to properly design and construct the parking lot – Right shoulder fracture and displacement requiring open reduction and internal fixation – Several surgeries required.
USDC (194000)
$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Trip and Fall – ________ slips and falls on a liquid substance in the ________ retail store – Failure to keep the premises in a safe condition – Dislodging of knee prosthesis causing multiple complications resulting in additional surgeries and an extended hospital stay
USDC (194001)
CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY ________ shopper's finger becomes caught in space of shelf created by misalignment during installation – Suffers shoulder and neck sprains from force of extricating finger
Hudson County, NJ (193762)