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Announcement! Search services at jvra.com will be redirected to our new site Zarin's findverdicts.com as of 11/02/2021

Zarin's Jury Verdict Review & Analysis website (jvra.com) launches Zarin's Findverdicts.com. We will continue to provide our publication and services, along with our new search engine with over 100,000 published verdicts and settlements.
Exciting customers will have access to their digital publications (PDF files) on jvra.com until further notice.

All search functionality will be available only at Zarin's findverdicts.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is searching this website really free?

A Yes. Unlike our competitors' websites, searching JVRA's database of over 120,000 cases is 100% free! You will find articles in practically every area of litigation from Accounting Malpractice to Zoo Negligence sorted by headline and you can even read the first paragraph about the case before you have to spend a single dime!

Q - If I decide I want to purchase complete articles, what is the best way to do that?

A - Depending on your needs, we offer several affordable options at JVRA.com.

If you just need some articles to support a specific case you're working on right now, then our Day Pass gives you 24 hours of online database access with up to 10 article downloads, enhanced filters, and verdict/settlement dollar amounts displayed in search results for only $199.

Our Annual database access plan includes one year of online database access with up to 100 article downloads, enhanced filters, dollar amounts displayed in search results, and a subscription to one of our monthly publications for only $599.

If you have a high volume practice with lots of case research needs, then the best plan for you would be our Litigation Support Plan which includes one year of online database access with up to 500 article downloads, enhanced filters, dollar amounts displayed in search results, a subscription to one of our monthly publications, and more for only $1199.

Of course, if all you need is one or two individual articles, you can always purchase case articles a la carte for $30 per article.

Compare our pricing to our competitors, who charge thousands of dollars per year for access to this data, and you can see why JVRA is your litigation research price leader!

Q - How complete are your articles?

A - We strive to be as thorough in our coverage of each case as possible. The majority of our articles are written by attorneys or paralegals based upon interviews with the attorney or attorneys who actually tried the case. Typically, each article includes a complete summary of the facts of the case, witness testimony, expert testimony and case reference information including the names of the experts who testified as well as the Judge and trial attorneys involved. On rare occasions, the reference information has been withheld due to confidentiality agreements.

Q - I like to research cases similar to those I am working on so why should I consider subscribing to one of your publications?

A - Good question. Although researching similar cases is highly effective, we nonetheless recommend that you subscribe to and read our monthly publications either in your jurisdiction or nationally (available in hardcopy as well as electronically). Simply put, there are ideas, strategies and case results that you are not aware of and you are not aware that you are not aware. In other words, you need to learn and that can best be done through reading each and every monthly issue of Jury Verdict Review & Analysis. All JVR monthly publications include a complete table of contents so that you can easily identify those cases that are of interest you.

Q - What do commentary articles include and why should I care?

A - As our name implies, not only do we review jury verdicts and settlements, but we also analyze the strategies utilized by opposing counsel when presenting their cases. This analysis typically includes detailed insights into how and why a jury returned with the verdict that they did. It also includes the thinking that went into preparing the case and the winning counsel's successful tactics. No other publication of its kind offers such a valuable look into the inner workings of trial preparation and presentation.

Q - What is included in the Annual Reports?

A - Each annual report includes every case we covered in that area of litigation (medical malpractice, product liability, employment law & construction negligence) from around the entire U.S. in the prior year. If you or your firm specializes in any of these areas of litigation, the annual reports give you a national perspective of what is happening in that area of litigation. Note: due to the high number of medical malpractice cases covered each year, we include only the top 100 plaintiff's verdicts.

Q - I recently had a successful result with a case I was working on, what's the advantage of submitting the case to you for publication?

A - There are several reasons why you would want to submit all of your successful cases to us.

First, submitted cases are published in our monthly publications and will be read by your fellow attorneys, insurance personnel, and others in the legal industry.

Second, once your published article is loaded into our online database, you can utilize our Virtual Plaque™ service that allows you to link to your case under our authoritative banner from your website, and also from any client emails or promotional emails you send out. We also offer PDFs of your case under our banner that are suitable for printing and mounting so that you can display your successful cases on your office wall. Our newest offering is a museum quality Wall Plaque featuring your successful case with your name highlighted directly under the recovery amount.

Finally, many potential clients come to our website to research cases similar to their own, and to find attorneys, firms, and expert witnesses in their area who have a proven track record of successful results.