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Virtual Plaque™

If you have had your case reviewed in Jury Verdict Review & Analysis in the past, you know the value of having a credible source report on and analyze the success of your trial. Reliable assessments of your work from an outside source prove one of the strongest ways to increase awareness of your firm and generate confidence among potential clients in your ability to effectively do your job.

While more and more business and research is being conducted primarily over the Internet, it is important to have such credible sources readily available for viewing by the public, other legal professionals, and the media.

Now, with the online Virtual Plaque™ system offered by Jury Verdict Review & Analysis, attorneys and firms are able to include the original results from the printed journal on their Web sites. Viewers will be able to read the formatted article with the recognizable Jury Verdict Review logo displayed above it. The heading also includes the trial attorney, firm name, and firm Web address prominently displayed directly above the verdict or settlement. Click here to view a sample.

Aside from providing access to this information from your Web site, you can utilize your Virtual Plaque™ link when e-mailing potential clients and referring attorneys, insurance carriers, public relations firms, and press personnel.

In order to offer you the most publicity possible, we can also arrange for press releases highlighting your recent case. Issuing a press release can drastically expand the awareness of the case by gaining you media exposure. Getting this information to top news sources will help to build your firm's reputation and make the information more widely available through a number of outlets.

Signing up for Virtual Plaque™ ensures you an unlimited amount of link usage. Also available is a PDF file of your reviewed case that will allow your firm to produce unlimited hard copies for circulation, advertising, promotion, and display. Click here to see a sample PDF file.

To sign up, fill out the Virtual Plaque™ Licensing Agreement Form which includes pricing, sign it, and fax it to us. Once we receive it, we will promptly create a Virtual Plaque™ with the article of your successful case and e-mail you the link.

There is no limit to the number of Virtual Plaque™ articles your firm can display, but cases are only eligible if they are in our database. If your successful case results have not been published in Jury Verdict Review & Analysis, submit them for publication by clicking here.

As soon as we complete the article on your case, it will be available as a Virtual Plaque™ prior to actual publication.

Start expanding your Web site by providing viewers with proof of your firm's success. Virtual Plaque™ is the best way to offer a credible outside perspective into your continued effectiveness and accomplishments.