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$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Fall down – Slip and fall at apartment complex during storm in progress – ________ contends danger heightened by malfunctioning drain on property that results in water being deposited and freezing – Wrist fracture.
Hudson County, NJ (195591)
$________ POLICY LIMIT RECOVERY Personal Negligence – ________ driver opts to drive to horse farm during Hurricane Sandy, despite warnings of danger and declared State of Emergency – On way home, during severe weather, tree falls onto car and kills ________ and his wife while two minor children were in back seat – Children suffer physical injuries and PTSD.
Morris County, NJ (195351)
________ VERDICT – Product Liability – Defective design – Defective side window system – Defective side curtain air bag system – ________ alleged that during a collision when the vehicle rolled onto its side, the driver's side window shattered, and his arm was ejected from the vehicle – Degloving injury to left hand
USDC, District of Connecticut (193945)
________’ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall Down – ________ alleges that she slipped and fell on icy mat at ________’ home – ________ alleges ________ fail to warn her of the danger outside the home – Fractured wrist; medical expenses.
County Court At Law 3 (194098)
County Court At Law 3 (192980)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall Down – ________ slips on snow and falls while exiting his truck – Rotator cuff tear.
Rutland County, VT (191731)
$________ RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Slip and Fall on Ice – Fall Down – ________ private ambulance driver slips and falls on black ice in industrial park in which employer leased space – Ankle fracture fibular shaft fracture – Open reduction internal fixation – Surgical hardware installation and removal of plate and screws.
Ocean County, NJ (191133)
$________ RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Fall Down – Slip and fall on snowy Dunkin Donuts stairs – Torn quadriceps tendon – Tendon injury – Surgery – ________ out of work eight months – Medicaid lien – Failure of ________ to retain photos – Spoliation of evidence.
Bergen County, NJ (190231)
________ VERDICT Utility Liability – Utility company fails to properly inspect and maintain utility pole – Pole breaks and lands on the decedent’s vehicle – Wrongful death of 61-year-old male.
Tulsa County, OK (189996)
$________ RECOVERY Homeowner’s Negligence – ________ homeowner's porch steps painted with slippery when wet high gloss enamel – ________ employee of exterminator company slips and falls during snowy conditions – Knee fracture – Knee replacement.
Camden County, NJ (189833)