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CONFIDENTIAL ________ RECOVERY – Discrimination – Civil Rights Act violation – ________ alleged that he was discriminated against because he is Palestinian and Muslim – Hostile work environment – ________ alleged he was routinely abused.
U.S District Court, Maine (195560)
________ FOR ________ FOLLOWING ________ JURY VERDICT Alleged violation of Federal Family Medical Leave Act – Worsening of ________ medical condition – Claimed wrongful termination.
U.S. District Court, Middle, Florida (195239)
________ VERDICT Employer’s Liability – ________ employed by ________ sustains injuries while lifting a 60-pound barrel of honey during his shift – Failure to provide ________ with a safe place to work – Lumbar injuries requiring steroid injections
Harris County, TX (195197)
________ VERDICT Civil Rights – Family Medical Leave Act – The pregnant female is terminated by ________ for being unable to fly during her pregnancy – Violating various civil rights of the ________ – Wrongful termination.
Erie County, NY (194444)
$________ VERDICT – Family and Medical Leave Act –________ alleged that the ________ interfered with her rights under federal and state law by failing to restore her to the same or equivalent position when she returned from leave.
Windham County, VT (193318)
$________ VERDICT Employment Law – Failure to accommodate transfer request – Retaliatory termination – ________ is terminated after she filed a discrimination complaint against her supervisor.
Los Angeles County, CA (193481)
$________ RECOVERY EEOC – Disability Discrimination – Hospital fired employees after 12 weeks of leave – Violation of ADA.
U.S.D.C. - District of New Jersey (193089)
________ VERDICT Tortious interference with advantageous relations – ________ alleged that she was terminated in violation of the Federal Medical Leave Act and that the ________ supervisor interfered with her resulting in financial losses due to her termination.
Essex County, MA (192849)
Suffolk County, MA (191009)
$________ VERDICT Disability Discrimination – Man is fired for taking medical leave due to depression – Violation of FMLA.
U.S. District Court - Middle District of Florida (189471)