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________ VERDICT Dental malpractice – Alleged unnecessary performance of root canal – Continuing tooth pain.
Palm Beach County, FL (195227)
$________ RECOVERY Medical Malpractice – Dental negligence – Negligent extraction of a permanent tooth instead of baby tooth – Failure to identify correct tooth for extraction – Dental implant required.
Allegheny County, PA (192696)
CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Medical Malpractice – Dental – Woman sues after an infected jaw leaves her with parasthesia – Parasthesia of the lip.
Superior Court of New Jersey, Morris County (186017)
$________ RECOVERY Dental malpractice - Endodontics - Negligent root canal - Osteomyelitis of the jaw and trigeminal neuropathy.
Massachusetts (168103)
$________ VERDICT Dental Malpractice - Improper performance of apicoectomy/root canal - Failure to adequately control bleeding during procedure involving teeth near inferior alveolar nerve - Nerve damage - Permanent parasthesia - Informed consent.
Bergen County (43897)
________ VERDICT Dental malpractice - Alleged negligent fracture of titanium implants - Claimed excessive force during removal of overdenture.
Miami-Dade County (43787)
________ VERDICT Dental malpractice - Endodontist uses local anesthetic containing epinephrine during root canal which is allegedly contraindicated due to history of hypertension, hypothyroidism and morbid obesity - Death action.
Passaic County (20983)
________ VERDICT Dental malpractice - Alleged negligent failure to detect fracture of tiny endodontic file used during rot canal - Infection - Extensive additional pain and loss of molar.
Burlington County (20519)
________ VERDICT Dental Malpractice - Alleged excessive force used during administration of anesthetic mandibular block in preparation for root canal - Alleged numbness to portion of tongue.
Union County (20606)
________ VERDICT Alleged negligent endodontic work performed by general dentist - Alleged negligence in performing root canal work on wrong tooth and in failing to properly perform inlay restorations - Pain and suffering - Need for additional corrective treatment.
Orange County, California (7312)
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