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$________ Sexual Harassment – Retaliatory Termination – Man fired by female employer for refusing sex – Violation of Civil Rights Act and New York City Human Rights Law.

U.S.D.C., E NY

In this action, a male employee sued his former employer for firing him for refusing to continue a sexual relationship. The matter was resolved by a New York jury when defendant denied the accusation.

The plaintiff, Corey L. of Queens, New York, met his future boss, Sheila Flynn, at a nightclub. The two spoke about her business, the New Life Business Institute in Jamaica, Queens, and their need for a Director of Admissions. The pair later went home and had sex. Mr. L. started work the following day. The plaintiff hired his team and performed his job well, until he refused to continue having sex with defendant. After his first refusal, his entire team was fired. He later submitted to sex with the supervisor. When he refused a second time, he was dismissed.

The plaintiff, thereafter, filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, accusing his former employer of gender discrimination and retaliation, both in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The plaintiff also accused defendant of violating the New York City Human Rights Law. The plaintiff sought compensatory damages for lost wages, including punitive damages claiming that the behavior was willful, malicious, and outrageous.

The plaintiff asserted that he was subjected to quid pro quo sexual harassment, in that he was forced to engage in sexual conduct with his boss in order to keep his job. Further, if an employer threatens a person’s job for not engaging in these behaviors, it can be considered retaliation.The jury returned a finding for the plaintiff, concluding that he had been subject to quid pro quo sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and retaliation. The jury awarded $________ in damages, including $________ in lost wages and $________ in punitives. The plaintiff is also entitled to all attorney’s fees.

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