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$________ Civil Rights – Hostile work environment – Retaliatory discharge of female police officer for whistle-blowing and sexual harassment complaints.

U.S. District Court - Southern District of Florida

The plaintiff was a 43-year-old female police officer working in the payroll department for the defendant Town of Golden Beach’s police department. She claimed that she was subjected to adverse employment action and terminated in retaliation for complaining of sexual harassment and reporting that fellow officers were being paid for off-duty security services while working active police duty at the same time. The case was brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of ________ and the Florida Civil Rights Act of ________. The defendant denied the plaintiff’s allegations and maintained that she was terminated for legitimate work-related reasons.

The plaintiff testified that she complained to the defendant’s town manager and the director of the human resources department about sexual harassment at work, including a comment by her supervisor that females “should not be cops.” The plaintiff testified that she also reported that other officers were accepting pay for off-duty security positions while they were actually on duty and being paid by the city at the same time.

The plaintiff contended that, after making her complaints, she received less favorable assignments. Ultimately, the plaintiff alleged she was fired from the police force, in November of ________, and that her termination was retaliatory. The defendant contended that the plaintiff was on probation for one year, and failed to meet required standards at the end of that time. The defendant’s town manager and human resource director claimed that the plaintiff’s complaints were general and non-specific.The jury found for the plaintiff in the amount of $________. The award included $________ in back pay and $________ in pain and suffering. The plaintiff was also awarded attorney fees and the right to return to her position with the police department.

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