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$________ Premises Liability – Fall down – Slip and fall at apartment complex during storm in progress – Plaintiff contends danger heightened by malfunctioning drain on property that results in water being deposited and freezing – Wrist fracture.

Hudson County, NJ

The 64-year old female plaintiff contended that she slipped and fell on ice at the premises of the defendant apartment complex. The defendant denied that it could be liable for weather related conditions that occurred during a storm in progress. The plaintiff countered that a drain had been malfunctioning for sometime, resulting in the formation of a water spout that heightened the hazard, and that the defendant should be liable.

The plaintiff opined that she suffered a fracture to the distal radius on the right dominant side that required surgery, which will cause permanent pain and weakness. The plaintiff, who had a history of RSD that primarily affected this wrist area, contended that the trauma caused a temporary aggravation

The plaintiff made no income claims.The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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