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: - Bowling Alley Denies Liability for Patron's Fall

Macomb County

Facts: An avid and experienced bowler slipped and fell while bowling at defendants’ facility. The plaintiff claimed she fell on oil residue, which defendants denied. The jury determined plaintiff had no cause of action after deliberating 1 hour.

On September 29, ________, Plaintiff ________ __________ went to Defendant ______ _____ to participate in her weekly bowling league. She put on her bowling shoes, intending to throw a few practice balls on a freshly-oiled lane. Plaintiff, an avid and experienced bowler, claimed she picked up her ball and approached the lane. As she started to throw the ball, she reportedly slipped and her left foot slid forward. Plaintiff landed face down a little past the foul line. She later claimed her clothes were covered in oil after the fall. The bowling alley was owned by Defendant ___-__, Inc.

Plaintiff alleged defendants allowed oil to accumulate on the approach area, thereby creating a dangerous condition for invitees. She argued that defendants failed to inspect the area before her league play and allowed oil to accumulate on the approach area causing her to fall. She claimed she sustained a fractured arm and shoulder as a result of the fall. Plaintiff was off work for 15 months.

Defendants contended that there was no oil on the approach to the lane and any oil on plaintiff’s clothing could have come from the lane area, which she slid into following the fall. Defendants maintained that they had regular inspection procedures and no oil was ever left on the approaches. Defendants also provided eyewitness testimony that there was no oil on the approach. However, if there was oil, defendants argued that they had no notice of the defect. Finally, defendants asserted that plaintiff could have returned to work at an earlier date.

Alleged Injury: Comminuted fracture of the left non-dominant arm and shoulder. Plaintiff required surgery for her injuries and was off work for 15 months.

Jury Deliberations: 1 hour

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