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$________ GROSS Motor vehicle collides with pedestrian crossing street - Plaintiff suffers broken arm and broken leg.

Webster Parish County, Louisiana

The plaintiff was crossing Highway ________ in the business district on July 19, ________. She walked out from behind another vehicle and was struck by the defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff contended that the defendant was traveling at an excessive rate of speed for a business district and did not slow down. The plaintiff suffered a broken leg and a broken arm with scarring.

The plaintiff presented evidence supporting its argument that the vehicle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed and failed to brake or slow down prior to striking the plaintiff. The evidence presented by the plaintiff demonstrated that the defendant had an ample view of the plaintiff in order to avoid striking her.

The defendant disputed liability and the injury claimed by the plaintiff.

After a five day trial, the jury deliberated three hours before returning a verdict of $________ in favor of the plaintiff. The jury determined that the defendant was 55% negligent and the plaintiff was 45% negligent.

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