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$________ Defendant negligently spills oil on premises - Destruction of irreplaceable doll collection - Damage to premises - Cost of clean-up.


In this oil spill negligence case, the plaintiff contended that the defendant oil delivery corporation negligently spilled oil on a high end collector’s doll inventory causing irreparable damage to the grounds and the loss of the irreplaceable doll collection.

The evidence revealed that on December 15, ________, the defendant, Lance Enterprises, Inc., delivered oil to the plaintiff’s place of business in Huntington Village, located in Suffolk County. The plaintiff alleged that while the defendant’s employee was hooking up the pump hose to pump oil into the plaintiff’s oil tank fill pipe, the "vent whistle" disintegrated, causing oil to rush out of the vent pipe onto the plaintiff’s property.

The plaintiff contended that the defendant was responsible under its contract to maintain the vent pipe and "whistle" to prevent such an accident from occurring.

The plaintiff maintained that as a result of the oil spill, significant damage was done to the doll collection. Further, the plaintiff maintained that the business was destroyed due to the permanent odors and fumes that permeated the doll collection and the physical property of the business.

The case was previously tried and appealed. Plaintiff’s counsel reports that the appellate division determined that the defendant was liable for the oil spill and remanded the case back for trial on damages only.

The jury awarded a sum of $________. However, with pre-judgment interest and attorney’s fees, the total recovery approximated $________. The defendant is allegedly initiating an appeal on this verdict.

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