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$________ AT TRIAL Inadequate lighting - Patron leaving strip bar is assaulted, shot and robbed in the parking lot - Paraplegia.

Los Angeles County, California

This was a premises liability matter where the plaintiff alleged inadequate lighting in a high crime area resulted in his assault, robbery and shooting. The plaintiff is now a paraplegic. The defendant disputed that the parking area was inadequately lit.

The male plaintiff was leaving the defendant’s establishment on March 1, ________. As he was leaving the building, he was assaulted, robbed and shot in the defendant’s parking lot. Because of the injuries he sustained, the plaintiff is now a paraplegic.

The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant alleging that the parking area was inadequately lit and that the doorman-guard usually escorted patrons to their cars. The plaintiff alleges that the doorman-guard was not present at the time that the plaintiff was assaulted and robbed.

The defendant maintained that the plaintiff was negligent in that he was wearing an ostentatious $________-worth of jewelry. The defendant also argued that the doorman was an unarmed doorman who could not have prevented the crime. The defendant further maintained that the parking area was adequately lit.

The defendant maintained that there was no duty owed to the plaintiff since no similar crime had occurred at the location. This defense prevailed at trial and the court entered summary judgment in favor of the defendant and against the plaintiff. The plaintiff appealed and the summary judgment was reversed. The parties agreed to settle the matter for the sum of $________ during the pendency of the trial.

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