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$________ Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear end collision – Defendant strikes rear of the plaintiffs’ vehicle and flees scene of an accident – Failure to keep a proper distance between vehicles – Neck and back injuries to both plaintiffs – Soft tissue injury to the plaintiff passenger’s foot.

Philadelphia County, PA

The plaintiffs, in this vehicular negligence action, are a mother and daughter. Their vehicle was struck in the rear by the defendants’ vehicle. After all involved stepped out of their cars in order to exchange information, the defendant driver suddenly jumped back into his vehicle and sped off – running over the plaintiff passenger’s foot while driving away. The defendants denied all allegations of negligence and injury.

On or about June 8, ________, the female plaintiff, Roane, was the operator of a motor vehicle, in which the female plaintiff, Truesdale, was a passenger. Their vehicle was traveling southbound on 5th Street, at or near the intersection of Duncannon Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the same and place, the defendant was the owner of a vehicle that was traveling directly behind the plaintiffs when the defendant vehicle struck the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle. After the parties all got out of their vehicles, the defendant jumped back into his vehicle and sped off, running over the plaintiff, Truesdale’s foot. The plaintiffs maintained that the defendant was negligent rear ending plaintiff’s vehicle, failing to maintain a proper distance between vehicles, operating the vehicle at an excessive rate of speed, failing to keep a proper lookout, and leaving the scene of an accident. The plaintiff driver suffered a C4-5 disc protrusion, cervicothoracic sprain and strain with myofasciitis, and postraumatic radiculitis. The plaintiff passenger suffered cervical/thoracic/lumbar sprain and strain, as well as contusions and soft tissue injury of the left foot. The defendants made a general denial of all allegations of negligence and injury.The jury found that the defendant had negligently entrusted his vehicle to an unsafe driver, Jeffrey B. The jury found that the defendant’s negligence was a factual cause of harm to the plaintiff, Truesdale only, and awarded her $________.

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