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$________ School Liability – Minor injured in a school sponsored soccer game – Negligently placing minor in a foreseeable risk of harm – Left patella fracture – Extreme fear of reinjuring knee – Emotional distress.

Bucks County, PA

In this negligence action, the parents of the minor plaintiff maintained that the defendant school/day camp failed to properly plan and implement a coordinated game of soccer, allowing much older children/counselors to play with younger and smaller children, increasing the likelihood that the smaller kids could be injured. The defendant denied all allegations of negligence, and argued that the minor suffered from a reasonable risk of injury participating in a sport, for which the plaintiffs consented.

On July 20, ________, the 10-year-old male minor was a day camper at the defendant school where the minor was involved in a game of soccer. Camp counselors who were several years older than the minor were also playing the game. While the plaintiff was dribbling down the field with the ball, one of the counselors – a 15-year-old female – kicked the plaintiff on the side of the knee. The plaintiffs maintained that the defendant was negligent in placing the minor in a foreseeable risk of harm, failing to exercise reasonable and due care, and failing to exercise reasonable judgment. As a result, the plaintiff suffered a fracture of the superior lateral aspect of the left patella, which required six weeks in full leg cast. In addition, the plaintiff suffered severe emotional distress with an unreasonable fear of reinjuring the knee, which prevents him from engaging in physical activities that he used to enjoy. The defendant denied all allegations of negligence, and argued that the incident was an accident of the game, which was normal risk for which the plaintiff’s consented.The parties settled their dispute for $________.

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