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$________ Premises Liability – Hazardous premises – Defendant puts caustic substance on floor that plaintiff encounters as defendant’s housekeeper – Failure to warn that substance was on floor – Chemical burns to the knees.

Allegheny County, PA

In this premises liability negligence action, the plaintiff – the defendant’s housekeeper – maintained that the defendant failed to warn the plaintiff that the defendant’s floor had been treated with a chemical. When the plaintiff knelt down on the floor in order to clean it, she encountered the substance and sustained burns to her knees. The defendant made a general denial of all liability and injury.

On September 24, ________, the female plaintiff was a lawful invitee of the defendant who was at the defendant’s home to perform housekeeping services for the defendant. While scrubbing the defendant’s floor, the plaintiff sustained burns to her knees as a result of coming in contact with a caustic substance the defendant had put on the floor. The plaintiff maintained that the defendant was negligent in allowing, and or causing, a defective and dangerous condition, creating a reasonably foreseeable risk, failing to give warning of the dangerous condition, and failing to warn the plaintiff that a dangerous product would be applied to the floor where the plaintiff was working. As a result, the plaintiff suffered second degree chemical burns to the right and left knees, resulting in discoloration and scarring. The defendant made a general denial of allegations of negligence and all allegations of injury.The board of arbitrators awarded the plaintiff $________.

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