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$________ Restaurant Negligence – Food poisoning – Plaintiffs get food poisoning from improperly prepared food served by defendant caterer – Failure to serve food fit for human consumption – Food poisoning – Salmonellosis

Allegheny County, PA

The plaintiffs, in this negligence action, contracted food poisoning after consuming food at a picnic that was catered by the defendant. The plaintiffs argued that the food was improperly prepared. The defendant denied all allegations, and settled the plaintiffs’ claims.

On June 4, ________, the plaintiffs attended a barbecue reception at Highland Park in Pittsburgh, PA, that was catered by the defendant. During the reception, the defendant served various food, including barbecue pork and chicken. The plaintiffs consumed the pork and chicken that was prepared and served by the defendant, and shortly thereafter, became violently ill. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant was negligent in failing to take proper precautions, such as cooking the food properly, failing to warn the plaintiff of the dangerous condition of the food, failing to hire, train and/or employ proper staff, and failing to inspect and/or supervise the preparation and distribution of the food, and serving food that was unfit for human consumption. As a result, the plaintiff suffered food poisoning and salmonellosis. The defendant denied all liability and injury.The defendant settled with the plaintiff minor for $________, and the plaintiff father for $________.

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