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Cuyahoga County, OH

In this mesothelioma case, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant was liable for the mesothelioma he developed as a result of asbestos dust on his father’s work clothing where the father was exposed to asbestos dust from the defendant’s products. The plaintiff alleged that the take-home asbestos dust was the cause of his mesothelioma. The defendant denied the allegations and disputed causation and damages.

The 40-year-old English professor and musician was very close to his father, who worked at a brake producing company. The plaintiff’s father worked at the brake company from ________ to ________ in the receiving and shipping department, and because he was required to deliver materials all over the plant, he was a frequent bystander to other employees who were drilling and abrading the defendant’s products which release asbestos. The plaintiff and his father spent significant time together, and the plaintiff assisted in washing laundry that contained his father’s work clothing. The plaintiff was diagnosed with mesothelioma in ________, and has received several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as radical surgery which resulted in the removal of one of his lungs and a part of his diaphragm. The plaintiff is married and has one child. The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant, alleging that the defendant was negligent with regard to the asbestos in its products, and in failing to warn of the dangers of asbestos exposure. The defendant denied the allegations and disputed causation and damages.

The matter was tried over a period of 11 days.At the conclusion of the trial, the jury deliberated for four and one-half hours, and returned its verdict in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant. The jury found that the defendant was 60% liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and damages. The jury awarded a total sum of $________ in damages, consisting of $________ in economic damages; $________ in non-economic damages, and $________ in loss of consortium for the plaintiff’s wife.

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