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$________ Premises Liability – Hazardous Premises – Minor plaintiff exposed to lead pain while a tenant of defendant – Failure to remedy the dangerous situation – Lead Poisoning – Cognitive Deficits.

Lancaster County, PA

In this minor’s compromise action, the plaintiff maintained that the defendant landlords allowed lead paint to exist in their apartment, causing a hazardous and dangerous condition which resulted in injury to the minor plaintiff. The defendant landlords denied all allegations of negligence.

The mother of the now 16 year-old plaintiff contends that while the minor was a young child, she was exposed to lead paint in an apartment that the minor and her mother rented from the defendants on King Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The plaintiff maintained that the defendant was negligent in allowing a dangerous and harmful condition to exist on the premises, failing to warn of the dangerous and harmful condition, renting out a property that was unfit for human habitation, and failing to use due care and caution. Consequently, the minor suffered from lead poisoning with cognitive deficits that required medical and psychological testing. The defendant denied all allegations of negligence, and argued that they had no knowledge of the use of lead based paints in the apartments they owned.The parties settled their dispute for $________.

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