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DEFENDANT’S Alleged breach of written employment contract – Claimed failure to pay salary promised to corporate president.

Broward County, FL

This action involved a dispute between the defendant corporation and the plaintiff, who was the former president of the corporation. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant breached a written employment contract, and failed to pay the plaintiff the salary promised. The defendant denied that there was a written employment contract between the parties.

The defendant is a company which produces agricultural feed and other products.The plaintiff claimed that he served as the designated president of the company, and was promised a yearly salary of $________ pursuant to a written employment contract, signed in April of ________. The defendant terminated him, and refused to pay the salary owed, according to the plaintiff’s claims.

The plaintiff produced an employment contract, signed by both, the plaintiff in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and what the plaintiff claimed was an authorized representative of the defendant corporation who purportedly signed the document in another state.

The authorized corporative representative named in the employment contract testified that he did not sign the agreement. The defense contended that the representative’s name was forged on the document.The jury found that the plaintiff and defendant did not each agree to enter into a written employment contract. Entry of final judgment for the defendant is pending.

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