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$________ Premises Liability – Hazardous Condition – Minor plaintiff falls on an exposed bolt on the defendant’s property – Failure to properly remove the bolt from the premises – Left knee puncture wound.

Allegheny County, PA

In this premises liability action, the parents of the minor male claimed that their son was injured when he was practicing baseball at the defendant’s practice center and he fell on an exposed bolt on the practice field. The defendant denied being negligent.

On April 3, ________, the nine-year-old male plaintiff was practicing baseball with his team at the defendant baseball facility. While participating in practice, the minor fell on the practice field and his knee was impaled by a protruding bolt that had been used to secure a pitching machine in the past. The machine and the other bolts used had been removed, but this one bolt remained. The plaintiff maintained that the defendant was negligent in failing to properly remove the bolt, failing to shave or grind down the bolt so that it did not protrude from the ground, failing to barricade the dangerous condition and failing to warn of the dangers of the protruding bolt.

As a result of the incident, the plaintiff suffered a puncture/laceration of the right knee, requiring sutures, and soft tissue injury of the right knee. The defendant denied all liability and argued that the incident was caused by the negligence of the plaintiff or the negligence of others over whom the defendant had no control.The parties settled their dispute for $________.

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