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$________ Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear End Collision – Aggravation of prior surgically-repaired middle ear injury – Subject collision occasions fracture and perilymphatic fistula – Surgery – Slight hearing loss on right side – Dizziness – Balance difficulties.

Bergen County, NJ

The plaintiff driver, in her mid-50s, contended that the defendant driver negligently struck her in the rear while stopped at a red light. The plaintiff, who suffered an injury to the right ear in a prior accident, and who underwent surgery approximately six months earlier, contended that the subject collision caused a fracture of a bone in the right ear and a perilymphatic fistula which required an operation as well.

The plaintiff contended that the prior moderate right ear difficulties, that had not involved a hearing loss or perilymphatic fistula, had substantially resolved well before the subject accident. The plaintiff contended that as a result of this collision, she will permanently suffer a slight hearing loss on the right side as well as balance and dizziness issues. The defendant denied that the plaintiff suffered the claimed injuries or met the verbal threshold. The defendant maintained that the impact was very minor and established that it caused less than $________ in property damage.The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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