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$________ Negligent Repair – Couple sues aircraft's mechanics after it crashes due to poor maintenance – Third degree burns – Pain and suffering.

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

In this negligent repair action, the plaintiff pilot and passenger brought suit against the defendant aviation company after the failure to fix recurrent and new engine problems ended in the small plane crash. The plaintiffs sustained various injuries including severe burns and broken bones. The defendant aviation company denied wrongdoing and instead asserted the crash resulted from the pilot’s error of judgment.

On August 8, ________, the plaintiffs Dr. Robert M. and his fiancée Heather M. departed DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, Georgia in Dr. Robert’s twin-engine Cessna Skymaster. The aircraft was piloted by Heather M., a professional pilot. Shortly after take-off, the aircraft developed engine problems culminating in a failure of the rear engine. While the Skymaster is designed to run on a single engine, the front engine proved incapable of keeping the plain airborne. The pilot executed an emergency landing and was knocked unconscious. Dr. Robert M. was able to revive her and they exited the crashed plane.

However, both plaintiffs suffered severe burns and respiratory injuries when the wing exploded. Heather M. suffered third degree burns to 35% of her body and is now unable to fly, as she can no longer pass the FAA medical examination. In addition to his burns, Dr. Robert M. suffered multiple orthopedic injuries, a crushed right ankle, a fractured tibia and fibula in both legs, and a burst fracture in his lumbar spine.

In August, ________, the plaintiffs filed suit in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court against Winner Aviation, Inc., alleging negligence in the repair and maintenance of the aircraft. The plaintiffs sought damages for past and future medical expenses and pain and suffering. No offer was made prior to or during trial.

During trial, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendant failed to properly address a recurrent problem with the rear engine and failed to detect a problem with the front engine. The defendant claimed that the pilot, Heather M., should have elected to make her emergency landing at a private airstrip rather than try to return to the DeKalb-Peachtree airport.After two-and-a-half weeks of trial, the jury deliberated for one day and returned a verdict for the plaintiffs in the amount of $________ million.

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