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$________ Premises liability - Negligent maintenance - Failure to maintain exterior wooden stairway - Side of stairway collapses as plaintiff municipal code inspector is walking down and leg falls through - Posterior malleolus fracture treated conservatively - Plaintiff, who is also a firefighter, returns to work after several months.

Hudson County, NJ

The plaintiff, in his mid 50s, contended that as he was walking down an exterior wooden staircase while conducting an inspection at the defendant’s commercial building, one side of a step collapsed. The plaintiff maintained that the defendant landlord negligently failed to maintain the staircase, resulting in the incident. The defendant maintained that the plaintiff was comparatively negligent in failing to observe any hazard, stressing that he had walked up the stairs and had previously walked under them.

The plaintiff sustained a Weber B distal fibula/posterior malleolus fracture that was treated conservatively. The plaintiff maintained that he will permanently suffer pain. The plaintiff does not have a limp and the plaintiff, who is a municipal code enforcement officer and a firefighter, returned to work several months after the incident.

The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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