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: $________. The jury apportioned 80% liability to Rosner and 20% liability to other parties. - Jury Awards Teen Damages for Blindness from Floor Hockey Accident

New Haven Judicial District

Facts: A young boy was injured in a floor hockey accident in which liability and damages were disputed by the defendants. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $________.

Plaintiff _______ _____ and Defendant _____ ______ were on the _____ ____ ______ floor hockey team. At the end of a game, the coach blew the whistle and the team left the floor. The team proceeded to the locker room to put away their equipment and change their clothes. Plaintiff finished up and headed back to the gym. Rosner, who had stayed on the court and continued to play hockey after the whistle was blown, took a shot at the net. The puck missed the net and struck the plaintiff in the left eye. Plaintiff suffered a detached retina. He underwent surgery to repair the damage, but was declared legally blind in the left eye. The school principal, the floor hockey coach and the _____ of _________ (the "settling defendants") were originally named in this suit as well, but a $________ settlement was reached with them prior to the trial. The case proceeded against ______ only.

Plaintiff alleged that ______ was liable for plaintiff’s damages and injury. Specifically, plaintiff claimed that ______ should have stopped playing and proceeded to the locker room when the coach sounded the whistle at the end of the game.

Defendant ______ contended that plaintiff was contributorily negligent as he should have been more watchful and aware of his surroundings in the gym.

The jury apportioned 80% liability to ______ and 20% liability to the settling defendants. The net award to plaintiff was $________.

Alleged Injury: Detached retina in the left eye requiring surgical repair and resulting in legal blindness in left eye. Plaintiff claimed $________ in past medical specials.

Jury Deliberations: 1 Day

Editor’s Notes: Per plaintiff’s counsel, the fact that the defendant would not take responsibility for this accident influenced the amount of the verdict. No contributory negligence was applied.

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