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Reach 10,000 attorneys each month
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For experts who provide testimony in the legal space, listing with Zarin’s is simply the best value for the dollar. Every month over 10,000 attorneys visit Zarin's JVRA.com in search of legal insights, case history information, and expert witnesses.

What you will get for only $99 a year.

We challenge you to find a more cost-effective way to get your expertise in front of attorneys. For a one-year listing on Zarin’s JVRA.com you’ll get:

  1. Exposure to over 10,000 Attorneys per month
  2. Up to 3 categories of expertise that you can select are included
  3. Placement on expert directory pages related to your area(s) of expertise
  4. Prominent display of your contact info including a link to your website
  5. Quick and easy online signup

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Audience Overview

According to Google analytics JVRA averages 10,000 sessions/month. 80% of those 'hits' are new users (attorneys). That equates to a consistent average of 50,000 page views by lawyers each and every month.