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Search Count : 994859

Attorneys typically search the internet using search terms that most closely match the type of cases they are working on. Below is a list of actual searches performed by attorneys with the jvra.com Google page ranking for each specific search term.

Google Search Term Google Page Rank*
accounting malpractice verdicts1
admiralty verdicts1
airbag defect verdicts1
airline negligence verdicts1
alcohol collision verdicts1
alteration of document verdicts1
altered document verdicts1
amputation verdicts1
amusement park construction verdicts1
amusement park negligence verdicts1
amusement park verdicts1
anesthesiologist malpractice verdicts1
anesthesiology malpractice1
anesthesiology malpractice verdicts1
anesthesiology negligence1
anesthesiology negligence verdicts1
ankle fracture verdicts1
arm fracture verdicts1
asbestos verdicts3
asbestosis verdicts1
aviation negligence verdicts1
bad faith verdicts1
bar negligent security verdicts1
blindness verdicts1
boat collision verdicts1
boating accident verdicts1
boating liability verdicts1
brain cancer verdicts1
brain damage verdicts2
breast cancer verdicts1
broken femur verdicts1
broken fibula verdicts1
broken hip verdicts1
broken leg verdicts4
broken tibia verdicts1
broken wrist verdicts1
building security verdicts1
burn injuries verdicts1
burn injury verdicts1
cancer verdicts1
casino negligence verdicts1
casino security verdicts1
casino verdicts1
cervical bulge verdicts1
cervical cancer verdicts1
cervical disc bulge verdicts1
cervical disc fracture verdicts1
cervical disc herniation verdicts1
cervical fracture verdicts1
cervical herniation verdicts1
chair defect1
chair defect verdicts1
cognitive deficit verdicts1
colon cancer verdicts1
common carrier negligence2
common carrier verdicts1
complex regional pain syndrome verdicts1
conscious pain and suffering verdicts1
consortium verdicts1
construction liability verdicts1
construction negligence1
construction negligence verdicts1
construction safety verdicts1
construction site liability verdicts1
construction site negligence1
construction site negligence verdicts1
contract fraud verdicts1
contract law verdicts1
contractor negligence verdicts1
crps verdicts1
cruise ship negligence1
cruise ship negligence verdicts1
defective chair1
defective chair verdicts1
defective design verdicts1
defective ladder2
defective ladder verdicts1
dental malpractice verdicts1
dental negligence4
dentist malpractice verdicts1
dentist negligence verdicts1
design defect verdicts1
disability discrimination verdicts1
disc herniation verdicts1
disc soft tissue verdicts1
discrimination verdicts1
dog attack verdicts1
dog bite verdicts1
dogbite verdicts1
dram shop liability verdicts1
dram shop verdicts1
drowning verdicts1
economic damages verdicts1
elder abuse verdicts1
elevator accident verdicts2
elevator liability1
elevator liability verdicts1
elevator maintenance negligence1
elevator maintenance negligence verdicts1
elevator negligence1
elevator negligence verdicts1
elevator negligent maintenance1
elevator negligent maintenance verdicts1
emotional distress verdicts1
employment contract verdicts1
employment discrimination verdicts1
employment verdicts1
escalator accident verdicts2
escalator liability1
escalator liability verdicts1
escalator maintenance negligence1
escalator maintenance negligence verdicts1
escalator negligence1
escalator negligence verdicts1
escalator negligent maintenance1
escalator negligent maintenance verdicts1
excessive force verdicts1
excessive use of force verdicts1
fall down verdicts1
false arrest verdicts1
false imprisonment verdicts1
falsely arrested verdicts1
family medical leave act verdicts1
federal employer liability act verdicts1
federal employers liability act verdicts1
federal tort claims act verdicts1
federal tort claims verdicts1
fela verdicts1
femur fracture verdicts1
fibula fracture verdicts1
fmla verdicts1
food contamination verdicts1
food poisoning verdicts1
forklift accident verdicts1
forklift negligence1
forklift negligence verdicts1
fracture verdicts1
fractured hip verdicts1
fractured humerus verdicts1
fractured pelvis verdicts1
fractured wrist verdicts1
fractures verdicts1
gender discrimination verdicts1
glass door accident verdicts1
glass door liability1
glass door liability verdicts1
glass liability1
glass liability verdicts1
government liability verdicts1
government negligence verdicts1
harassment verdicts2
hazardous premises verdicts1
hazardous workplace verdicts1
hip fracture verdicts1
hip replacement verdicts1
homeowner liability verdicts1
homeowner negligence1
homeowner negligence verdicts1
homeowners liability verdicts1
homeowners negligence1
homeowners negligence verdicts1
hospital liability verdicts1
hospital malpractice verdicts1
hospital negligence verdicts1
hotel liability verdicts1
hotel negligence3
hotel negligence verdicts1
hotel negligent security1
hotel security liability verdicts1
hotel security negligence1
hotel security negligence verdicts1
housing authority liability verdicts1
housing authority negligence1
housing authority negligence verdicts1
humerus fracture verdicts1
inadequate lighting verdicts1
inadequate warning verdicts1
inadequate warnings1
inadequate warnings verdicts1
incontinence verdicts1
informed consent malpractice verdicts1
informed consent verdicts1
inmate suicide verdicts1
insufficient lighting verdicts1
insurance agency malpractice1
insurance agency malpractice verdicts1
insurance agency negligence verdicts1
insurance agent malpractice1
insurance agent malpractice verdicts1
insurance agent negligence1
insurance agent negligence verdicts1
insurance bad faith verdicts2
insurance broker malpractice1
insurance broker malpractice verdicts1
insurance broker negligence1
insurance broker negligence verdicts1
insurance lien verdicts1
insurance malpractice verdicts1
insurance negligence verdicts1
insurance verdicts2
intellectual property verdicts1
jones act verdicts1
knee replacement verdicts1
ladder defect1
ladder defect verdicts1
landlord tenant verdicts1
lead paint exposure verdicts1
lead poisoning verdicts1
leg fracture verdicts1
legal blindness verdicts1
legal malpractice verdicts1
lemon law verdicts1
libel verdicts1
lighting verdicts1
loss of consortium verdicts1
loss of enjoyment of life verdicts1
loss of hearing verdicts1
loss of sight verdicts1
loss of smell verdicts1
loss of taste verdicts1
loss of vision verdicts1
lost profits verdicts1
lumbar bulge verdicts1
lumbar disc bulge verdicts1
lumbar disc fracture verdicts1
lumbar disc herniation verdicts1
lumbar fracture verdicts1
lumbar herniation verdicts1
lung cancer verdicts1
manufacturing defect verdicts1
maritime verdicts1
medical malpractice verdicts1
midwife malpractice verdicts1
midwife negligence verdicts1
misdiagnosis verdicts1
motor vehicle collision verdicts1
motor vehicle negligence verdicts1
municipal liability verdicts1
municipal negligence verdicts1
negligent lighting verdicts1
negligent maintenance verdicts1
negligent security verdicts1
negligent supervision verdicts1
neurologist malpractice verdicts1
neurology malpractice verdicts1
nightclub negligence verdicts1
nightclub negligent security verdicts1
nurse malpractice verdicts1
nurse negligence verdicts1
nursing home malpractice verdicts1
nursing home negligence verdicts1
nursing malpractice verdicts1
ob gyn malpractice verdicts1
ob/gyn malpractice verdicts1
obgyn malpractice verdicts1
ob-gyn malpractice verdicts1
obstetrical malpractice verdicts1
obstetrical negligence verdicts1
ophthalmologist malpractice verdicts1
ophthalmology malpractice verdicts1
orthopedic surgeon malpractice1
orthopedic surgeon negligence1
orthopedic surgeon negligence verdicts1
orthopedic surgery malpractice1
orthopedic surgery malpractice verdicts1
orthopedic surgery negligence1
osha liability verdicts1
osha verdicts1
osha violation verdicts1
pain and suffering verdicts1
pain management malpractice1
pain management malpractice verdicts1
pain management negligence1
pain management negligence verdicts1
pap smear negligence verdicts1
paralysis verdicts1
paraplegia verdicts1
paresthesia verdicts1
pelvic fracture verdicts1
permanent disability verdicts2
personal negligence verdicts1
pharmaceutical defect verdicts1
pharmaceutical negligence verdicts1
pharmaceutical product liability verdicts1
pharmaceutical verdicts1
pharmacist malpractice verdicts1
pharmacist negligence verdicts1
pharmacology verdicts1
pharmacy malpractice verdicts1
pharmacy negligence verdicts1
plane crash verdicts2
plastic surgeon malpractice2
plastic surgeon negligence verdicts1
plastic surgery malpractice verdicts1
police liability verdicts1
police negligence1
police negligence verdicts1
police procedures verdicts1
port authority liability verdicts1
port authority negligence1
port authority negligence verdicts1
post traumatic stress disorder verdicts1
prisoner suicide verdicts1
product liability verdicts1
products liability verdicts1
property damage verdicts1
property law verdicts1
psychiatric malpractice verdicts1
psychiatric negligence verdicts1
psychiatrist malpractice verdicts1
psychiatrist negligence verdicts1
psychiatry malpractice verdicts1
psychiatry negligence verdicts1
ptsd verdicts1
punitive damages verdicts4
quadriplegia verdicts1
railroad liability2
railroad liability verdicts1
railroad negligence verdicts1
realtor malpractice1
realtor malpractice verdicts1
realtor negligence1
realtor negligence verdicts1
realty malpractice1
realty malpractice verdicts1
realty negligence2
realty negligence verdicts1
rear end collision verdicts1
reflex sympathetic dystrophy verdicts1
restaurant liability verdicts1
restaurant negligence1
restaurant negligence verdicts1
rsd verdicts1
school district liability1
school district liability verdicts1
school district negligence verdicts1
school liability verdicts1
school negligence1
school negligence verdicts1
seat belt liability verdicts1
seatbelt liability verdicts1
sensory loss verdicts1
sex assault verdicts1
sexual abuse verdicts1
sexual assault verdicts1
sexual discrimination verdicts1
sexual dysfunction verdicts1
sexual harassment verdicts2
sexually assaulted verdicts1
sexually harassed verdicts2
ski resort negligence1
ski resort negligence verdicts1
skiing accident verdicts1
slip and fall verdicts1
soft tissue injury verdicts1
soft tissue verdicts1
spinal bulge verdicts1
spinal disc bulge verdicts1
spinal disc fracture verdicts1
spinal disc herniation verdicts1
spinal fracture verdicts1
spinal fusion verdicts1
spinal herniation verdicts1
structural failure verdicts1
suicide prisoner verdicts1
supermarket liability3
supermarket liability verdicts1
supermarket negligence1
supermarket negligence verdicts1
surgeon malpractice verdicts1
surgeon negligence4
surgeon negligence verdicts1
surgery malpractice verdicts1
surgery negligence8
surgery negligence verdicts1
tavern liability verdicts1
tavern negligence verdicts1
testicular torsion verdicts1
tibia fracture verdicts1
tmj verdicts1
tort claims act verdicts1
tort claims verdicts1
total disability verdicts1
totally disabled verdicts1
toxic exposure verdicts1
toxic mold verdicts3
toxic tort verdicts1
transit authority liability1
transit authority liability verdicts1
transit authority negligence1
transit authority negligence verdicts1
transportation liability7
transportation liability verdicts1
transportation verdicts1
trip and fall verdicts1
unlawful discharge verdicts1
unlawful termination verdicts1
unlawfully arrested verdicts1
utilities negligence verdicts1
utility negligence1
utility negligence verdicts1
vehicle collision verdicts2
vehicle negligence verdicts1
vehicular homicide verdicts1
whiplash verdicts1
whistleblower verdicts1
workers comp verdicts1
workers compensation verdicts1
wrist fracture verdicts1
wrongful arrest verdicts1
wrongful birth verdicts2
wrongful discharge verdicts1
wrongful termination verdicts1
wrongfully arrested verdicts1

*The Google page rankings listed are based upon searches performed from northern New Jersey using Internet Explorer version 8. Results may vary by geographic location and web browser used.