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Hartford Superior Court (195763)
$________ ________ VERDICT – Negligent Supervision – Assault – ________ bar patron was assaulted by ________ bar owner and a security guard – Three broken ribs – Two cracked teeth requiring dental surgeries.
Hinds County, MS (195723)
________ VERDICT Dental malpractice – Alleged unnecessary performance of root canal – Continuing tooth pain.
Palm Beach County, FL (195227)
$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Intersection Collision – Minor ________ injured when host vehicle collides with ________ vehicle which was impeding the intersection – Failure to properly operate and stop her vehicle – Tooth fracture – Cervical disc herniation.
Bucks County, PA (194259)
$________ RECOVERY Dental malpractice – Instrument breaks during root canal and is left in tooth when sealant applied –Instrument found and removed by non-party subsequent treating dentist several months later – ________ contends she continues to suffer severe trigeminal pain and that such pain will continue permanently – No actual diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia
Westchester County, NY (194011)
$________ Premises Liability – Slip and Fall – Minor ________ slips and falls on spilled ice tea in an aisle of the ________ grocery store – Failure to warn of the dangerous condition – Fractured teeth requiring oral surgery.
Bucks County, PA (192959)
$________ VERDICT Medical Malpractice – Dental – Negligent failure to withdraw needle when ________ complains of severe pain prior to root canal – Permanent nerve damage – Paresthesia to lower lip, cheek and gum.
Suffolk County, NY (192205)
$________ VERDICT Negligent Security – Man is beaten to pulp at strip club by owner and guards – Three broken ribs – Cracked back teeth.
County Court of Hinds County (191901)
$________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Intersection Collision – Failure to stop for stop sign – TMJ with arthroscopic surgery – Continuing jaw pain – Damages/causation only.
Lee County, FL (191678)
$________ PRE-SUIT POLICY LIMITS RECOVERY – Motor Vehicle Negligence – Left Turn Collision – ________ driver strikes windshield despite wearing seatbelt – Air bag deploys and ________ driver strikes head, suffering momentary loss of consciousness – Wrist fracture – Two fractured teeth – Lumbar herniation – Lumbar bulge – Cervical herniations – Non-fracture thumb injury superimposed on prior wrist fracture that required surgery – Case continuing under $________ UIM policy (See Update).
Essex County, NJ (191750)
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