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$________ RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Fall down – Tenant slips and falls on ice sheet formed as a result of melting and refreezing – Failure to place chemicals or sand despite actual knowledge of icy conditions – Bimalleolar fracture – Surgical removal of bone spurs – No future income claims.
Monmouth County, NJ (194876)
________ VERDICT ON VERBAL THRESHOLD ________ rear seat passenger in car struck in rear while on New Jersey Turnpike – Collision causes severe rotator cuff tear on non-dominant arm in which muscle avulsed from bone
Mercer County, NJ (193349)
$________ VERDICT Labor Law – Sec. ________ – ________ carpenter falls 14 feet – Lis Franc fracture – Two surgeries – Injuries allegedly preclude ________ from continuing as union carpenter – Alleged extensive past and future pain and suffering – Damages only.
New York County, NY (192218)
________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/Motorcycle Collision – ________ motorist strikes the ________ motorcycle in an intersection – Failure to maintain a proper lookout – Multiple fractures of the foot – Cysts develop in the foot requiring surgical removal.
U.S.D.C. - Southern District of New York (189081)
________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Van/Auto Collision – Negligent reversal – Front end collision – Alleged aggravation of preexisting asymptomatic cervical condition – Fusion surgery performed – Damages/causation only.
Broward County, FL (188019)
________ VERDICT ON VERBAL THRESHOLD Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear End Collision – ________ allegedly suffers cervical herniation and bulge that prompts two level discectomy with fusion – Herniation and bulge seen on MRI five days after collision – Damages only.
Essex County, NJ (188118)
$________ for ________ - Underinsured Motorist - One driver ran a red light and t-boned another vehicle, causing the second driver to suffer a shoulder injury
Tuscaloosa (186785)
________ VERDICT Medical malpractice - Surgery - Breach of standard of care - Negligent osteotomy with cheilectomy of the first metatarsal - Failure to perform pre-operative measurements - Pain in other toes and elevation of big toe - Disfigurement and pain and suffering.
Cook County, Illinois (161560)
$________ RECOVERY - Motor vehicle negligence - Auto/Pedestrian collision - Infant ________ struck while crossing in cross-walk next to mother who does not sustain physical injuries - Minor 4-year-old ________ suffers pelvic and rib fractures - Collision captured on adjacent establishment's security camera - Portee claim.
Essex County, NJ (160185)
________ VERDICT Motor vehicle negligence - Multi-vehicle collision - ________ vehicle struck ________ vehicle which then hit truck - Alleged torn rotator cuff requiring three surgeries.
Orange County (155599)