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$________ VERDICT Medical Malpractice – Podiatric negligence – Unnecessary bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery on four toes of same foot to 16-year-old ________ – Continuing pain suffered by ________, who is now a public school teacher in her early 20s
Rockland County, NY (194890)
$________ VERDICT Medical Malpractice – Surgery – ________ doctor fails to diagnose post-operative infection – Failure to recognize and diagnose the signs and symptoms of infection – Osteomyelitis – Surgery to treat the infection required.
Philadelphia County, PA (193157)
$________ VERDICT Podiatric malpractice – Failure to employ conservative methods when 16-year-old presents with moderate bunion – ________ performs surgery to remove bunions, mild hammertoe and mild "tailors" bunion on side of foot near little toe – Regrowth of bone, but not cartilage results in bone on bone abrasion and onset of severe pain.
Rockland County, NY (192903)
$________ RECOVERY Medical Malpractice – Podiatry – Alleged failure to diagnose osteomyelitis following foot surgery – Additional surgery required.
Palm Beach County, FL (191840)
________ VERDICT Medical Malpractice – Podiatry – ________ podiatrist fails to make a proper diagnosis and improperly performs surgery on the ________ left foot – Failure to perform appropriate diagnostic tests – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in the left foot.
Bucks County, PA (189430)
$________ for ________ - False Arrest - Sheriff's deputies roughly arrested the ________ when they came (without a warrant) to investigate a complaint from a neighbor that a meth lab might be operating
Stephens (185086)
________ verdict on liability - Podiatry Negligence - The ________ was critical of her podiatrist's technical performance of an exostectomy, the doctor having placed a screw that impinged a nerve and led to a painful injury
Jefferson (183941)
$________ for ________ less 30% comparative fault - Medical Negligence - A podiatrist left for a multi-week vacation after removing a patient's bunion and did not arrange for another podiatrist to be on call; by the time the podiatrist returned, his patient's condition was such that a second surgery was necessary
Marion, Circuit (167006)
$________ RECOVERY Medical malpractice - ________ surgeon leaves postoperative wire in ________ toe.
Middlesex County, Massachusetts (155795)
________ VERDICT Medical malpractice - Alleged failure to diagnose and treat non-union of fifth metatarsal following bunion surgery - Additional surgery required.
Philadelphia County (139276)