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________ VERDICT Negligent grocery bagging at supermarket – Plastic bag allegedly rips open breaking glass bottle – Tendon laceration with surgery.
Broward County, FL (195760)
________ VERDICT Prisoner Civil Rights – ________ subjected to unlawful detention and excessive use of force by ________ officer – Civil Rights Violations – Right eye hematoma – Forehead laceration – Orbital wall fracture.
U.S. District Court, Western, Texas (195434)
Erie County, NY (194659)
________ VERDICT Alleged negligent failure of school district to use safety glass in swinging door – ________ allegedly permits dangerous condition to exist – Glass breaks as ________ student opens door – Laceration and nerve damage to dominant hand – Liability only.
Westchester County, NY (193384)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Falling Object – Alleged negligent sale of defective beer case – Bottles fall to ground through wet cardboard case bottom – Ankle injuries with surgery.
Miami-Dade County, FL (190371)
________ JUDGMENT Property Owner Liability – ________ sustains lacerations that required stitches when an underage guest drinking alcohol cuts the ________ with a broken glass.
Salem County, MA (190202)
________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Sideswipe Collision – Uninsured motorist – Unknown motorist allegedly runs ________ off the road, causing him to collide with a sign – Facial lacerations from windshield glass – Non-permanent eye injury – PTSD.
Hartford County, CT (189819)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Premises Liability – Falling Object – ________ is struck by shards of glass from a bulletin board hanging in the restroom stall – Left hand injury – Tendon and nerve damage.
Withheld County, MA (188583)
$________ VERDICT Civil Assault – ________ is struck with bottle of vodka presented as gift – Facial lacerations with permanent scarring – ________ in default.
Lee County, FL (187539)
$________ GROSS AWARD REDUCED BY 25% COMPARATIVE NEGLIGENCE Municipal Liability – Tort Claims Act – Palpably unreasonable failure to place warnings regarding presence of electrical extension cords hidden in grass at municipal concert – ________ trips and falls at night – Fracture to right dominant humerus – Inability to raise arm above shoulder – Right ulnar nerve injury – "Swan neck" deformity in fingers – Inability to continue as hairdresser.
Ocean County, NJ (187769)
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