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$________ RECOVERY REACHED AFTER FOUR DAYS OF TRIAL Failure to stop at green light – Cervical and lumbar bulges – Chiropractic care – TMJ dysfunction – ________ advises chiropractor of jaw pain shortly after collision, but does not see dentist for approximately one year – No income claims.
Bergen County, NJ (195578)
$________ COMBINED GROSS VERDICT Motor vehicle negligence – Rear end collision – Neck and back injuries claimed by husband and wife ________ – Damages/causation only – No permanent injury found
Pinellas County, FL (194774)
$________ PRESUIT RECOVERY ________ driver oversteers after missing exit on Rt. 17, losing control and mounting sidewalk, striking ________ - Non-displaced knee fracture - Rotator cuff tear - Cervical and lumbar herniations treated conservatively - TMJ dysfunction - No surgery
Bergen County, NJ (194861)
$________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear End Collision – ________ strikes rear of the ________ stopped vehicle – Failure to make a proper application of the brakes – Internal derangement of jaw – Surgery required – Neck and back pain – Damages only
Harris County, TX (194734)
$________ RECOVERY Excessive force used by bouncer who came to tavern to convince husband/patron to leave – Broken dentures – TMJ dysfunction – Diffuse bruising
Union County, NJ (194214)
________ VERDICT Dental malpractice – Alleged improper height of crown placed during full mouth restoration – Alleged excessive height of crown caused an asymmetrical increase to the vertical dimension and resulted in TMJ dysfunction
Westchester County, NY (194012)
$________ VERDICT Municipal liability – Rear end collision by police vehicle – Lumbar disc bulges – TMJ with recommended surgery – Damages/causation only.
Pinellas County, FL (193460)
________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear End Collision – ________ vehicle struck in rear by ________ as ________ slowed her vehicle to merge with traffic – Failure to apply the brakes in time to avoid a collision – Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar sprain and strain – Damages only.
Allegheny County, PA (193169)
$________ RECOVERY AT CLOSE OF ________ CASE – Motor Vehicle Negligence – Alleged police pursuit negligence – Alleged reckless driving by police officer with emergency signals activated – Left turning ________ driver – ________ contends she suffers TBI, bilateral foot drop and internal derangement of knee necessitating arthroscopic surgery – Bilateral TMJ dysfunction necessitating surgery.
Bergen County, NJ (192889)
________ VERDICT Motor vehicle negligence – Rear end collision – TMJ injury – Meniscus tear of knee – Bilateral rotator cuff tears – Multiple surgeries performed – Damages/causation only.
Hillsborough County, FL (192572)
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