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$________ GROSS VERDICT Premises Liability – Trip and fall on curb outside restaurant – Fractured radius – Dislocated ulna – Surgery performed – 80% comparative negligence found.
Lee County, FL (195757)
$________ TOTAL RECOVERY – Motor Vehicle Negligence – Head-on collision – UIM – Fractured ribs, sternum, wrist to 78-year-old ________ – ________ needs ventilator for two weeks.
Ocean County, NJ (195813)
$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Fall down – Dangerous walkway of ________ homeowners who acted as their own GC when constructing walkway – Absence of handrails – Inadequate lighting – Comminuted fracture of dominant elbow – Two surgeries – No income claims.
Monmouth County, NJ (195826)
________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Left turn collision – ________ attempting a left hand turn out of a parking lot is struck by ________ making a left hand turn at same intersection – Carelessly negotiating a left hand turn – Ulna fracture – Surgery required.
Bucks County, PA (195985)
$________ PRE-SUIT RECOVERY Premises Liability – Fall down – Slip and fall on ice several days after precipitation – ________ contends no salt applied and melting/refreezing occurs, causing sheet of ice – ________ slips and falls – Fracture of dominant ulna – Surgery – No income claims.
Bergen County, NJ (195597)
Hillsborough County, FL (195229)
$________ VERDICT – Motor Vehicle Negligence – Motorcycle Collision – ________ driver attempted to pass another vehicle and caused a collision – Female ________ is thrown from motorcycle following collision – Concussion – Finger fracture – Soft tissue injuries to entire left side of body
Waldo County, ME (194596)
$________ RECOVERY – Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/Pedestrian collision inside crosswalk – Left Turn Collision - ________ crossing inside crosswalk is struck by left-turning ________ driver – Comminuted fractures to ulnar and radial head on right side – Open reduction internal fixation - Surgical hardware installation - Revision surgery – Permanent swelling, disfigurement, and lifting limitations – $________ policy.
Middlesex County, NJ (194630)
$________ VERDICT – Dog Attack – Dog Bite – Elderly ________ in her 80s contends she relied upon assurance that aggressive dog was safe and uses rear entrance to her home when attacked by dog owned by neighbor – Puncture wound and fracture to ulnar styloid process on non-dominant wrist – Open reduction internal fixation surgery.
Erie County, NY (194457)
________ VERDICT Spotter at cheerleading training center is allegedly distracted and fails to assist 14-year-old infant ________ as she is performing back hand-spring – Displaced fractures of non-dominant radius and ulnar – Surgery – Plates remain – ________ made good functional recovery
Somerset County, NJ (194232)
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