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$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall Down – ________ allows an accumulation of ice and snow to build up on the premises, causing the ________ to slip – Fibula fracture – Deltoid ligament rupture – Surgery required.
Bucks County, PA (191306)
________ VERDICT Medical Malpractice – Orthopedics – Alleged negligent premature advisements for active range of motion therapy and alleged negligent premature clearance to return to physical job following surgery to reattach deltoid muscle – Ultimate deltoid rupture – Retrial.
Rockland County, NY (188809)
$________ VERDICT Motor vehicle negligence - Intersection collision - Brachial plexus injury, degloving injury, skin graft, shoulder displacement - Loss of teeth, facial scarring and misalignment of jaw - 50/50 liability split between co-________.
New York County (155608)
________ VERDICT Medical malpractice - Alleged malpractice during open reduction of fractured disc of shoulder - Subsequent course of surgeries for same injury caused problems not attributable to ________ surgeon.
Dutchess County (147224)
$________ BENCH VERDICT - Outdoor Recreation - Boating - Boat rental negligence - Rental of boat without captain - Failure to properly instruct ________ on the operation of the powerboat - Steering mechanism failed when towline became entangled - Multiple skull fractures, head contusions, mandibular and molar fractures, C3-4 transverse cervical fractures, shoulder, neck and back pain, multiple facial and upper body lacerations.
United States District Court, Southern District of California (139029)
________' VERDICT Alleged malpractice by surgeon during surgical biopsy and intramdullary rodding when infection developed post-surgery - ________ alleged axillary motor axon degeneration was attributable to surgery and subsequent infection - Arthrofibrosis with chronic capsular contraction and severe limitation of motion of right shoulder.
Suffolk County (43089)
$________ RECOVERY - Alleged malpractice by surgeon who performed Bankart repair surgery due to ________ shoulder instability - Unwarranted resection of ________ acromion bone in shoulder - Corrective reconstructive surgery with residual limitations of range of motion of left arm and deformity of left shoulder.
Massachusetts (14885)
________ VERDICT Alleged dangerous gap between truck and loading dock during replacement of device at edge of dock to protect bumpers from damage - Shoulder fracture and tear of deltoid muscle.
Queens County (25158)
$________ VERDICT New York City Transit Authority bus driver stops bus directly in front of pothole - ________ exits bus, steps into pothole and falls - Rupture of deltoid ligament of ankle, resulting in open reduction with insertion of metal place with six screws - ________ sued Transit Authority, City of New York and owner of vehicle parked illegally in subject bus stop.
Kings County (24835)
$________ VERDICT Utility company negligence - Employees drop wood from electrical transformer - ________ struck by falling wood - Cervical sprain and strain - Deltoid injury requiring shoulder surgery.
Duval County (916)
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