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Withheld County, MA (195768)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY – Medical Malpractice – Radiology – Failure to timely diagnose pancreatic tumor – Reduced survival rate.
Withheld County, MA (195534)
________ VERDICT Medical Malpractice – Cardiologist negligence – Hospital negligence – Failure to properly treat patient – Wrongful Death of 44-year-old male
Fairfield County, CT (195051)
$________ RECOVERY FOR ________ PASSENGER/WIFE AND $________ RECOVERY FOR ________ DRIVER/HUSBAND ________ driver crosses center line after striking vehicle in front of him in rear, and causes head-on crash – ________ wife suffers internal injuries and is transported to hospital by helicopter – Laparotomy – ________ husband suffers lumbar compression fracture – No economic claims
Bergen County, NJ (195173)
$________ RECOVERY Single Vehicle Accident – ________ host driver loses control and strikes tree – Four displaced rib fractures, Ruptured spleen treated with bed rest — Small scar on head and loss of tooth
Essex County, NJ (193354)
$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Stopped Vehicle Collision – ________ 18-wheeler driver fails to slow speed and drives his 18-wheeler directly into pickup truck stopped on side of road – Wrongful death; spleen, abdominal, and shoulder injuries.
2 (192747)
$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Hazardous Premises – ________ shot at ________ convenience store – ________ fail to keep premises safe – Loss of kidney and spleen; damages to lung and nervous system; minor ________ sues for loss of support from father.
334 (192762)
$________ RECOVERY Admiralty – Failure to maintain control of vessel – Significant bodily injury including multiple fractures, traumatic brain injury and blindness.
Los Angeles-San Pedro (189197)
$________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/Truck Collision – Woman sues after being struck by FedEx truck – Ruptured spleen – Knee injury – Femur fracture.
361st District Court (189342)
________ VERDICT Negligent Security – ________ is attacked by an assailant in the parking lot of a premises owned and controlled by ________ – Broken fingers – Head contusion – Loss of consciousness – Headaches – Internal injuries requiring removal of spleen.
Harris County, TX (187929)
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