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$________ RECOVERY Dog Attack – Next door neighbor's mixed breed dog jumps backyard fence and attacks four-year-old – Lacerations and scarring to thigh – Candidate for future plastic surgery – Strict Liability.
Burlington County, NJ (190214)
$________ RECOVERY Dog Bite – ________ fails to properly restrain his dog – Feet, hand, legs and shoulder injuries.
1 (190312)
________ VERDICT Police Liability – Alleged improper training of Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies – Dog is shot and killed – Trespass to chattel – Conversion.
Palm Beach County, FL (190133)
$________ RECOVERY Dog Bite – Minor ________ stops to pet the ________ dog and is bit on the face – Facial laceration requiring stitches – Facial scarring.
Harris County, TX (190314)
$________ VERDICT Dog Attack – ________ fails to prevent her dogs from escaping the fenced enclosure – Achilles tendon injuries and medical expenses.
61st (190316)
$________ VERDICT Dog Bite – Dog enters ________ backyard – Bite wound to right hand – Tooth embedded in bone – Infection – Partial loss of hand function – Damages only.
Palm Beach County, FL (190115)
$________ VERDICT Dog Attack – ________ is attacked and bitten by the ________' pit bull while attending a party at the ________' home – Dog tears off part of the ________ lip and chin – Permanent scarring.
San Diego County, CA (189786)
$________ RECOVERY Dog Bite – Strict liability – Negligent infliction of emotional distress – Significant injury to face and arm.
Los Angeles County, CA (189787)
$________ RECOVERY Dog Bite – Bite to outer aspect of thigh by pit bull – One-inch area of hypersensitivity and faded scarring – ________ also contends knee and lower back pain.
Hudson County, NJ (189832)
________ VERDICT Police Liability – Excessive use of force – ________ surrenders to the ________ police officers who fail to call off their canine unit – ________ is attacked by the dog – Bite wounds to leg and arm – Stitches required.
U.S.D.C. - Eastern District of California (189788)
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