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________ VERDICT Tavern negligence - Alleged negligent nightclub security - ________ bar patron struck in head with bottle - Head lacerations.
Philadelphia County, PA (168290)
Hartford County, CT (167715)
CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Negligent security - ________ patron struck with pool cue at ________ bar - Concussion, hearing loss, dizziness.
Hampshire County, MA (167732)
$________ for Le and $________ for Edward P.; both awards less comparative fault - Negligent Security - Two men were beaten by a bouncer at a downtown Lafayette bar
$________ for Robert A. less 33% comparative fault; $________ for Kelly A. - Negligent Security - Leaving a German-themed restaurant, a bouncer asked the ________ wife to search her purse for stolen beer steins ? the ________ (a lawyer at one of the world's largest law firms) objected and walked out of the restaurant ? the bouncer gave chase and proceeded to attack and choke the lawyer ? the bouncer would later explain his instructions were to stop stein theft and take any means necessary to do just that
Campbell (183950)
________ VERDICT Premises liability - Negligent security - Claimed failure to secure rock-climbing wall in shopping mall after hours - Wrist fracture with surgery - Impalement wound to right thigh - Permanent seroma - Rib fractures - Hip laceration.
Orange County, FL (167894)
________ VERDICT Dram shop - Alleged failure to call police following physical altercation - Allegedly intoxicated assailant slashes decedent in throat - Surgery - Scarring - PTSD allegedly substantial factor in suicide approximately two years later.
Kings County, NY (167797)
________ VERDICT Negligent security - ________ ear bitten off by co- ________ patron at ________ nightclub - Unsuccessful reattachment surgery - Pain and suffering.
Suffolk County, MA (162244)
$________ for ________ - Negligent Security - A college basketball player at Mississippi Valley State was paralyzed at a nightclub after being shot by a security guard ? the security guard had fired wildly (discharging nine shots) at a purported gunman, the hoopster being struck inadvertently in the barrage
Leflore (183182)
________ verdict on liability - Negligent Security (Death) - The ________ was shot and killed outside a Louisville bar ? his estate criticized the bar for not having security especially as the bar was located in a crime-ridden neighborhood ? the bar defended that on slow nights (it was a Monday), security was simply too expensive
Jefferson (183937)
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