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________ VERDICT Homeowner’s Negligence – 12-year-old runaway daughter of homeowner tussles with ________ police officer after he attempts to bring her home – ________ falls from front stoop and suffers fracture of dominant arm – Surgery.
Nassau County, NY (191153)
$________ VERDICT Contract – Failure to pay monies remaining on pool installation contract – Counterclaim.
Hillsborough County, NH (190633)
________ JUDGMENT Contract – Action for declaratory relief – ________ property allegedly falsely included as member of homeowners association.
Martin County, FL (190764)
$________ RECOVERY Homeowner’s Negligence – ________ guest falls down dangerous stairway leading to basement – Left temporal bone fracture – Subdural hematoma – Severe cognitive deficits – Premises rented by ________ from co-________ homeowners' association.
Monmouth County, NJ (190832)
$________ VERDICT Contract – Breach of homeowner's association covenants conditions and restriction contracts – Negligence of homeowner's association – Failure to abate secondhand smoke at condominium complex – Negligent infliction of emotional distress – Secondhand smoke alleged to cause aggravation of son's asthma.
Orange County, CA (189991)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Construction Site Negligence – Property Owner Negligence – ________ falls through unguarded opening in floor during work at ________ house renovation – Fracture to arm – Multiple surgeries.
Withheld County, MA (190183)
________ JUDGMENT Property Owner Liability – ________ sustains lacerations that required stitches when an underage guest drinking alcohol cuts the ________ with a broken glass.
Salem County, MA (190202)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall Down – Homeowner allegedly removes snow in negligent manner – Slip and fall – Closed head trauma – Subdural hematoma – Liability only.
Queens County, NY (190266)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Hazardous Premises – ________ falls on loose gravel and rock at a new home construction site – Right ankle compound fracture.
Allegheny County, PA (190299)
$________ RECOVERY Homeowner’s Negligence – ________ homeowner's porch steps painted with slippery when wet high gloss enamel – ________ employee of exterminator company slips and falls during snowy conditions – Knee fracture – Knee replacement.
Camden County, NJ (189833)
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