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$________ VERDICT Government liability - Erosion of creek bed caused by township's repair of sewer lines - Construction of retaining wall required.
Allegheny County (140154)
UNDISCLOSED RECOVERY Governmental liability Negligent operation of police vehicle Failure to use emergency lights and siren Excessive speed Intersection collision Wrongful death.
Collier County (142669)
$________ VERDICT INCLUDING DELAY DAMAGES Governmental liability - Failure of township to maintain storm water drain pipe - Flooding of ________ property - Loss of personal property - Diminution in property value.
Allegheny County (140155)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Alleged dangerous road condition - Motorcycle allegedly hits depression around manhole cover - ________ passenger thrown from motorcycle - Shoulder fracture.
Hillsborough County (140047)
________ VERDICT Premises liability - Slip and fall on ice - Governmental liability - Failure to remove ice and snow from street - Fractured ankle - Lower back injuries.
Hartford County, Connecticut (139056)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Action by developer for release of escrow funds held by township - Alleged violation of Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.
Delaware County (139834)
$________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Negligence of teacher in restraining student - Humerus fracture to 11-year-old girl - Damages only.
Miami-Dade County (140046)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Negligent operation of police vehicle - Red light/green light - Wrongful death of driver - Injuries to two passengers - Liability only.
Palm Beach County (139801)
________ VERDICT Government liability - Alleged negligent operation of motor vehicle by police officer - Rear end collision - Torn rotator cuff.
Broward County (138931)
$________ VERDICT Governmental liability - Negligent snow plowing - Snow pushed off overpass - Lumbar disc bulges with radiculopathy - Damages/causation only.
Philadelphia County (139681)