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$________ for ________ - Sexual Stereotype Discrimination - A front desk clerk at a motel alleged she was moved from that public role because she didn't have the so-called Midwestern Girl look
Iowa Southern - Des Moines (183403)
________ verdict on liability - Disability Discrimination - A restaurant employee who suffered from MS alleged her employer discriminated against her by not permitting her to return to work even though she was cleared by her doctor
Massachusetts - Boston (167610)
________ verdict on liability - Disability Discrimination - A patron attending a conference at a resort hotel requested (because of a mobility limitation) that he be permitted to use his Segway on resort property ? the resort cited safety concerns and denied the request
Hawaii - Honolulu (167577)
$________ VERDICT Trespass - Destruction of property - ________ restaurant says ________ property owner destroyed its sign out of retaliation - ________ claims sign was damaging its wall.
New York County, NY (159252)
________ verdict on liability - Wrongful Discharge - A restaurant manager was hired for a job and was prepared to start, however between the offer and starting, the prospective employer rescinded the offer because it learned he had filed bankruptcy
Florida Middle - Ocala (167479)
$________ for ________ - Employment Retaliation - A night clerk at a motel (a moonlighting chiropractor) alleged he was fired after alleging age and gender discrimination
New Albany (167278)
$________ for ________ - Employment Retaliation - A night clerk at a motel (a moonlighting chiropractor) alleged he was fired after complaining of age and gender discrimination
Indiana Southern - New Albany (167401)
$________ for ________ - Sexual Harassment - A teenage waitress at a pancake restaurant was sexually harassed by her manager
Wisconsin Eastern - Milwaukee (167409)
$________ for ________ - Age Discrimination - The manager of an airport restaurant alleged he was fired because of a combination of his age and his complaint that younger workers were paid more
Texas Western - El Paso (167336)
$________ VERDICT Breach of operating agreement for Miami Beach restaurant and bar - Counterclaim for ________ alleged failure to adequately operate the restaurant.
Miami-Dade County, Florida (155737)
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