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$________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – ________ bus passenger injured when ________ pulls out from a side street and strikes ________ vehicle – Failure to yield right of way – Right shoulder rotator cuff tear – Right knee chondromalacia – Upper extremity radiculitis.
Philadelphia County, PA (194060)
Palm Beach County, FL (193880)
$________ GROSS VERDICT – Premises Liability – Trip and fall – ________ tripped over a temporary speed bump placed in the area of pedestrian traffic – 12% permanent partial impairment of right upper extremity – Torn rotator cuff
Fairfield County, CT (193969)
$________ RECOVERY – Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear end collision – Aggravation of preexisting condition of previously asymptomatic degenerative disc disease – Need for 5-level cervical fusion – Rotator cuff tear – Arthroscopic surgery.
Bergen County, NJ (193997)
$________ RECOVERY Failure of ________ landscaping company to attend to ________ employer's lot following snow storm – ________ landscaping company keeps equipment on premises and workers pass by area and fall numerous times – Rotator cuff tear
Ocean County, NJ (194004)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Motor vehicle negligence – Multiple vehicle collision – Rotator cuff tear – Thoracic outlet syndrome – Surgery performed – Damages/causation only.
Pinellas County, FL (193892)
$________ VERDICT – Premises liability – Fall down – Snow and ice – ________ alleged that she slipped and fell as a result of accumulated ice and snow on the ________ walkway – Rotator cuff injury
Belknap County, NH (193724)
$________ RECOVERY ________ passenger in car driven by ________ loses control on ice patch on GSP and strikes guardrail – Comminuted clavicle fracture – Surgery – Rotator cuff tear – Arthroscopic surgery – Cervical herniation – Aggravation of lumbar herniation – ________ points to absence of profits for two years preceding accident
Monmouth County, NJ (193753)
$________ RECOVERY – ________ HVAC technician installing duct work in attic falls 12 feet when joist fails – Compound fracture of calcaneus – Surgery with surgical hardware installation – ________ also suffers tear of non-dominant rotator cuff and compression lumbar fracture – Inability to continue as HVAC technician
Hudson County, NJ (193757)
$________ AWARDED ________ struck in rear by ________ driver of state pick-up truck – Impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tear requiring arthroscopic surgery – Cervical and lumbar herniations – Injections and use of TENS Units in more symptomatic lumbar area – No income claims
Broome County, NY (193788)
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